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Princess Cruises Breakfast Buffet: How Do You Like Your Eggs

You must have read about how much we love the SeaDay Brunch on Carnival Cruise. But between the two cruise lines, Carnival VS Princess, in terms of their breakfast buffet, we preferred the buffet menu options at Princess Cruises. Their breakfast buffet just has more variety and no one is limiting the bacon. Bacon limit? Yes! Keep reading.

We went on a 7 Day Cruise from Los Angeles aboard Crown Princess with 4 stops including San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Ensenada.


Princess Cruises Breakfast Buffet

Everyday, we'd wake up not having to rush. No school to rush into, meals to prepare and pack or get everyone on their carseats. We'd just walked up to the breakfast area at a leisurely pace. I wish to say glacier pace like Meryl Streep did in The Devil Wears Prada, but glacier might not be appropriate for a cruise. Yes, no glacier please.

Breakfast with a view

The breakfast buffet menu didn't change for all the 7 days we cruised with Princess but it didn't matter, because there was so much variety that I really didn't have to eat the same thing everyday. Although I partly did except maybe for the eggs as they served all the different kinds, you can pretty much pick one kind a day.

breakfast.. I'm hungry now!

Let's see, I know they cooked all the different ways you can cook eggs, but is there 7 different kinds for the 7 days? They have Eggs Benedict, Sunny Side Up, Omelette, Hard-Boiled Egg, Scrambled Egg and Quiche. Hmm.. okay, I only got 6. Maybe a frittata and deviled eggs should have been in the mix. But seriously, their quiche is a must have, I wish I have one right now.

What's easier, making a quiche or packing the kids luggages and heading back to the cruise?

sausage or bacon?

I also ate a bagel everyday, I never have to toast it myself either. Someone was in charge for toasting the breads everyday. With Carnival you have to do it yourself and if there's a huge breakfast crowd so you'd have to wait. I also liked that they have congee, although I tried not to eat a lot as lunch is just a few hours away, especially since we woke up late everyday. There's in between snacks too at the International Cafe, yikes. And if you're curious, Dinner on Princess Cruises is also a lot. Make sure to check our Princess Cruises Menu and Food Pictures.

my daily dose of bagel & fruits for the baby

The kids enjoyed their pancakes and french toast and a cup of yogurt. They also get to choose from a variety of cereals without wasting a whole giant box when they get sick of it like they do at home. Oh kids. Mommy cannot eat your leftovers. And let's not forget the bacon, the eldest likes bacon. When you cruised with Carnival, someone serves the bacon on the buffet to limit you to two pieces of bacon. I guess Princess Cruises has the older crowd who would be healthier without the bacon.

cereals, salmon, deli meat, drinks, toasted breads and oatmeal

The breakfast buffet at Crown Princess is massive. The variety, not having to cook and being all inclusive with the price you paid for, and the view.. yes.. the view. You can sit beside the glass window and just watch the waves while you enjoy your cup of joe. Or eat poolside. Heaven.. just heaven.

If you've never cruised before. It's a lot of fun. We look forward to our next one. And hopefully we can join the Disney Cruise as they incorporate Frozen this summer.

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  1. We love family trips and this cruise looks like such a fun way to see the coast!

  2. Sounds fun. I want to take my family on an all inclusive cruise like this.

  3. I have heard from a lot of people that Carnival has the best food and buffets of most of the Cruises.

  4. This looks wonderful. The food must have been delicous.


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