Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Carnival Cruise SeaDay Brunch: We Almost Ordered Everything off the Menu

Where would I rather be right now? On a cruise, having brunch, indulging on a Lox Bagel and enjoying the vast ocean view. How about you?


Cruising is very relaxing. No cooking, no cleaning, and I just love watching the waves. We cruised with Princess Cruises last October, then Carnival Cruise in December. And that's what I want to share with you guys this month.

You'll see a lot of posts about as we do a cruise review in the weeks to come. Hopefully, I get to cover it all before we board our next one, wishful thinking I know, but maybe for my birthday next month, we'll see(big grin).

Today, I'd like to share the Seaday Brunch on Carnival Cruise. I enjoyed the sit down breakfast/brunch on Carnival more than their buffet. Although the brunch menu was only served one day within our 5 day cruise with Carnival Inspiration and it was on Sea Day.

Sea Day means the ship didn't dock on any port and you're just in the middle of the sea but you get to enjoy the whole ship with activities, food, and sleep in between if you want to. We took tons of nap in between meals. Hooray vacay!

Here's what we ordered, all inclusive with the cruise fare we payed for. Except if you order a Bloody Mary. For those who has never cruise before. Sodas, shakes and alcoholic drinks are for an additional fee.

We each however got a free drink voucher being VVIP guests. We've cruised with Carnival for the fifth time, while the kids were on it for their second time. Do kids get sea sick on a cruise? Doesn't look like it, ours never do. They enjoy it as much as we do.

Anyhow, here's what we ordered from the carnival cruise brunch. Sorry to those on their New Year's diet, this post is not for you(and me). LOL. The brunch menu had a lot of things I wanted to order. Including eggs benedict & french toast. I wish to go back now.

I ordered a Lox bagel with a side of corned beef hash and cheddar grits. Hungry! I know!

The hubby ordered steak and eggs, then also ordered corned beef hash on the side. Oh and he's more hungry than me, so he also ordered a stack of chocolate chip pancakes.

The kids. Big sister ordered pancakes. While small sister got herself a huge plate of mac & cheese with fried chicken.

Please be reminded that this is just brunch. What? Yes! And they were all yummy. And nothing like being served whatever you want while eating beside the window with the ocean view. Ahhh, now that's what you call waterfront dining!

Okay, I'm officially hungry now. I'm headed out to get a bagel. Come back tomorrow and let's talk about the breakfast buffet we had on our 7 day cruise with Princess Cruises. And yes, I'll share dinner and dessert stories too from both cruise. Lots to share so do come back.

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