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Minions Party Booth Props + Minions Balloon Tower Tutorial #MinionsAtTarget

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I had my day all planned out. Head to Target to buy the Minions movie in Blu-ray (it got released today), then head home to do the laundry and work on the blog. It didn't happen! As always, the Target run to buy one item became a trip to Jerusalem. Can you blame me? I know I'm not the only one guilty of this, so we got home with more bags than I can carry.

I did promised the kids I'll put up a fun movie night though. So when we got home, I rushed to prepare a minions photo booth complete with printable minions and a minions balloon tower that you guys can also re-create for a minions movie night or a minions party. Check out my easy minions photo booth tutorial below.



Materials needed for a minions photo booth props:
  • Print out FREE minions printables (below)
  • Scissors
  • Barbecue Stick
  • Tape

Minions Printable Instructions:

Print out our free minions printables below. Cut them then tape a barbecue stick at the back. Easy? Yes! Get the camera ready and say cheese! But to make it more fun, add a minions balloon tower in the mix, my tutorial below after the printables.

Print Free Minions Printable: "Kevin"

Print Free Minions Printable: "Bob" & "Stuart" 
Print Free Minions Printable: "Scarlet Overkill" 
Print Free Minions Printable: "Bear Toy" & "Pacifier" 


Materials needed for minions balloon tower:
  • 11 yellow balloons
  • 10 blue balloons
  • balloon pump
  • string
  • 1 free printable minion face
  • tape

Minion Balloon Tower Instructions:

1. Blow up 10 yellow balloons and 10 blue balloons, and tie them to seal.
2. You need 4 balloons per layer. Tie 2 yellows together, then 2 blues together. Then cross the pair and tie/twist them together that the end product looks like picture "2" below.
3. Using the white string, tie it in the middle where the balloons are tied up. String length is dependent on how high you want the balloon tower to be. Put a balloon weight in the bottom if displaying outdoors (a small balloon filled with water will work).
4. Stack your balloon layers, pushing down the middle then spool the string so the layers of balloon can stay in place. This balloon tower has a swirl design, so just turn the layers so the yellow and blue can follow the swirl design.

5. Make/blow the last yellow balloon the biggest. Tie a string to the balloon separately then run it in the middle top all the way to the bottom to attach to the bottom layer of balloons. Tape a picture of one of our minion printables and that's it. The kids are ready to hug jumbo "Kevin".

The kids were ready for the movie right when big sis got home from school. They were not only excited to see the balloon tower I made, but also happy to see the Minions Blu-ray/DVD that I bought which came in a metal pack (a Target exclusive). You can get them in store or online. If you get the metal pack version, you get a $5 gift card with your purchase. And the Minions DVD includes 40 minutes of Target Exclusive content.

All the materials I used for this tutorial, we got from Target earlier. Target is really the perfect one-stop-shop for all our movie night needs. I even found a matching minions t-shirt for the kids that they absolutely adore (I do too). Hope you found my minions party booth really fun. The kids had a blast with it and enjoyed the movie and want to see it again tomorrow night. Should I let them? We'll see! LOL! Hope you enjoyed this post.



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  1. This is such a great idea for a Birthday Party, and I like how nice everything turned out and I need to have a Minions party like this for my son!!

  2. Wow, that is what I call a movie night! The balloon tower would also be great for a birthday party!

  3. Excellent craft for a fun party. I don't have to ask why Minions....

    slehan at juno dot com

  4. How much fun is that? I love those printables for a photo booth. That would be so much fun for a party, especially with that balloon tower. I've never made anything like that before! #client

  5. I like how easy this looks. I also love how inexpensive it is. Kids would love this and so would a lot of adult.

    ellen beck

  6. Can I say I'm tired of Minions? Terrible, huh?

    slehan at juno dot com

  7. I have a boy named KEVIN. This would be so cute for his next birthday party coming up.

  8. I love Minions! This is really a cute idea! Sharing this!

  9. My kids love the Minions, pinning this for later! So cute!


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