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Free Frozen Printables & Frozen Party Ideas plus Elsa Dress for Babies

It's been a week of busy preparation to try and come up with a fun Frozen birthday party for my lil' one. Throwing a Frozen birthday party is not an easy feat. Because first things first, where to buy Elsa costume pops to mind. Disney store is all out. I visit our nearest Disney store almost weekly to find an Elsa dress and to no avail. Second dilemma, even if I do find one, there's no Elsa dress for toddlers. Should have done a Little Mermaid party again like last year, haha.

So my first order of business was to get the smallest Elsa dress and try to alter it to fit a toddler. You would think it's just hemming on the side and on the bottom. But no, I literally took the whole gown apart. Good thing though, I merely bought the Frozen Elsa dress from Target(size 4), so it's not as expensive as the authentic Elsa dress from the Disney store. Coz' I'm not exactly an excellent seamstress, not even a fashion designer, just a frustrated one. And I bought a Princess dress from Disney in case the whole hemming is a mess and I just throw in the towel and change the whole Frozen birthday theme to a Disney princess one.


It took some patience, coffee, being calm, creativity and late nights with the sewing machine and I was able to achieve it. It took me 3 days of maybe about 3 hours a day on it. Not bad for a novice. What do you guys think of the Elsa dress below?

Altered Elsa Dress for Toddlers
Next thing I worked on, the Frozen party favors and dessert table. Check out all the Frozen birthday party ideas I came up with below plus a Free Frozen Printables for you guys to print:
  • Frozen Piggy Bank used as a container to fill it with treats. Check Amazon for the 3 available designs. You can print and cut the Frozen Printable "Fill Me with Frozen Treats and just taped in into the tin can like I did. Printables will be at the bottom of this post.

  • Frozen Dessert Table Ideas: "I Want to Stuff Some Chocolate in My Face". You might wanna do a whole table of just a variety of chocolates. I did two. I was able to purchase discounted chocolates way back after Easter. And what's cool is they came in the pastel blue that will go well with the Frozen color. The rest of the chocolates in other color tones? They're in our pantry slowing vanishing away, oh boy, hihi. Since Easter is way done, and Halloween sale on candies is some months away still.

  • Frozen Party Ideas: Coronation Ring Pop. This are different from your typical ring pop. They come in different shapes that looks like ice gems. 

  • Frozen Party Favor Ideas: "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? I bought big and small marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and chocolate chips. For the Frozen printables I've attached, check bottom of post to print your own.

  • Frozen Party Ideas: "A Kiss to Melt a Frozen Heart". Just grab a bag of Kisses chocolates and make it this cheesy. Hehe.
  • Frozen Party Name Labels. I wanna add glimmer. So I got some glittery card stock and a variety of scissors to do the one below. I also bought snowflake stickers and a bag of small styrofoam balls. Just cut the bottom to make it flat and a slit at the top to slide your printables through the top.(I use a knife, scissor won't do).
  • Frozen Party Dessert: Vanilla Meringue. I added this in the mix as suggested by a friend. They are addicting. You can wrapped them in two but I wanted to do it buffet style so I just let the kids grab it themselves. There's also lollipops on the the picture below. Kids love lollipops!!!

  • Frozen Cake is from Vons. I ordered an all white 2 layer cake with no border and just decorated it myself. I'd typically bake my own cake, but I was pressed for time.
  • Frozen Cake Topper. They come as Anna, Elsa and Olaf. I put both Elsa and Olaf in there.
  • Frozen Cake Decorations on the side were candy rocks in blue, light blue and white on top. 

Free Frozen Printables: Hope all the ideas were useful as well as this Free Frozen printables. You can cut them in squares or buy a scalloped puncher, I got mine from Amazon(Fiskars brand), check here. If you have questions on sourcing for anything else you see in the pictures above that I forgot to mention, just leave me a comment. And I'd be happy to help. Happy Birthday to your Princess.

Free Frozen Printables: Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Free Frozen Printables: Fill Me with Frozen Treats

3/4/15 Update: We've added another printable below
Free Frozen Printable: Frozen A Kiss to Melt a Frozen Heart Printable
To print - download pdf file here

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  1. Beautiful frozen party ideas. I did a frozen party for my daughter's 6th birthday. One thing I didn't finish was the Olaf body into a small bag for the goodies. Instead I left them on the tables for the kids to build Olaf. They love it !! It was a craft thing to do at the party while watching the movie frozen. Super fun. Last year my daughter's friend told me that she remembers the party making Olaf. That melt my heart. I'm glad ahe had a great time. 💗💗💗


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