Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bacchanal Buffet Breakfast: Monte Cristo, Steak & Eggs and More

I'm officially missing Vegas once again... Because of the food!!! I was cleaning up my pictures folder and realize I haven't posted our breakfast at Bacchanal Buffet. And I just wanna start packing and leave for the weekend. I shared with you guys before Our Flavorful Lunch at Bacchanal Buffet at Ceasars Hotel where I fell in love with their Angus sliders and had to go back for more. But I couldn't wait for lunch time, so we ended up trying their breakfast during this trip. Which is just as great. Check out all the yummy food that's making me hungry as I share this post.

sweet potato tots

Sweet Potato Tots. One of my favorite. Plus cute container that I wish I can take home.

Pancakes. They serve red velvet pancakes during breakfast at Bacchanal. 
But I was craving plain old buttermilk pancakes that day.

Steak and Eggs.. I miss this. So comforting.

Mushroom dish.. quite salty.

Hotdog. Nothing comes close to the Angus Sliders but it's so good 
we always miss taking a picture of it. It gets consumed fast.

Monte Cristo. The best part of our Bacchanal breakfast is this. YUM!!!
Side Note: Dialing the hubby on one hand to tell him we're going to Vegas tomorrow.

The tri tip is to die for too. We entered at around 10AM, but coz we're eating with kids. 
Lunch time caught up to us, so we ended up having lunch food too. 
All the donuts and pancakes were taken away.

Chowders and Oysters.

Shrimp dish is tasty.

Congee and chinese crullers.

Egg and Salsa Dish.

The desserts at Bacchanal is not that great. Except for that chocolate dome cake. 
Uber good. Deadly and sinful.

So-So desserts.

Pecan Tart & Apple Crumble. More tasty in pictures. 
But I'd still go back for the main course and just skip the dessert.

Time to start packing. Ciao!

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