Giveaway Winners

2016 Giveaway Winners & Ongoing Giveaway List:

2017 Ongoing Giveaways - Click link to join blog giveaway:

Disney on Ice Tickets - ?
Sing in Blu-ray/DVD - ?

$50 OshKosh B'Gosh Gift Card - Coming Soon

Giveaway Winners - Just Announced:

Tanaka Farms - Lauren L.
Harlem Globetrotters - Lisa S. & Michelle H.
$50 OshKosh B'Gosh Gift Card - Amanda W.

2016 Blog Giveaway Winners:

$75 Amazon Gift Card from Vons - Winner will be contacted by Tatu
$100 Walmart Gift Card - Winner will be picked and contacted by WaterWipes
$75 Amazon Gift Card from Kroger - Winner will be contacted by Tatu
Winter Fest OC Tickets - Erika H.(emailed winner, emailed giga)
Lakeshore Learning Toy - Sandra C.(e-mailed winner, e-mailed Lakeshore)
CHILL Queen Mary 5 tickets - Sherry P.(e-mailed winner, awarded by Chill)
NewAir Beverage or Wine Cooler- Anne P.(NewAire mailing the product)
Strawberry Shortcake Collectible Toy - Renee W.(e-mailed winner, info emailed to SS)
Goldstar $50 credit - Kelly F.(e-mailed winner, sent to Goldstar)
Disney on Ice Ticket Giveaway - Melinda P.(e-mailed winner, e-mailed to DOI)
$50 AMEX card + Dreft product - Anja U.(info submitted to Dreft)
$50 Simon Malls (Del Amo) Gift Card - Riva T.(info submitted to Simon Malls)
Rubio's $20 Voucher - (messaged winner, info sent to Rubio's)
Picture Keeper device - Liz S.(e-mailed winner, info submitted to PC)
Dream Frenz - Jennifer H. (e-mailed winner, submitted info to Dream Frenz)
Chicco Viaro: Stroller + Carseat w/ Base - Megan G. (e-mailed winner, e-mailed to Chicco)
Hallmark My Best Friends Package - Renee W.(e-mailed winner, e-mailed to Hallmark)
Snapware Total Solution Meal Containers - Jill M.(e-mailed winner, e-mailed to Snapware)
Disneyland Tickets - Kathy G.(awarded)
Comic Con Exclusive Strawberry Shortcake Products - Wendy B.(e-mailed new winner, e-mailed SS)
Legoland Tickets - Niki L.(info e-mailed to Legoland)
IncrediBundles $50 - Donna K.(gift code will be mailed by Incredibudles to winner)
Dinner Winner Plates - Suzie W.(e-mailed the winner, info e-mailed to Dinner Winner)
Kung Fu Panda 3 Blu-ray - Lori K. (e-mailed winner, e-mailed FHE)
Team Real Book - Mary A.(e-mailed winner)
Ringling Bros. Circus Tickets - Anja U.(e-mailed winner, awaiting invite email for winner)
Islands Restaurant Gift Card - Kristine L.(e-mailed winner, emailed to Islands)
Starwberry Shortcake Package - Naomi V.(e-mailed winner, emailed to SS)
Shrek Movie Anniversary Edition - Cassandra E.(e-mailed winner, Emailed to FOX)
Joy Movie in Blu-ray - Kristie D.(e-mailed winner, Emailed to FOX)
Kidspace Children's Museum - Becky C.(e-mailed email to Kidpsace)
$20 Rubio's Coastal Grill Vouchers - Elena I.(emailed winner, vouchers mailed)
Chuck E. Cheese Prize Package - Kelly F.(emailed winner, e-mail info to ChuckECheese 5/19)
America's Pet Expo - Naomi A.(mailed)
Free Family Registration 5K Run at Universal - Sarah A.(e-mailed code)
$25 Go Greek Gift Card - Kayley F.(emailed winner)
Medival Times Family Tickets - Jill R.(e-mailed info to Medieval)
The Peanuts Movie Gift Set - Allyson B.(e-mailed FHE)
McDonald's Gift Cards - Shaba R., Julie W., Austin B., Rosa V. (mailed all)
Knott's Berry Farm 4 Tickets - Catheryn C. (mailed and received)
$50 Stonefire Grill Gift Card - Carey E. (mailed and received)
iMAX tickets & gift set - Sarah A.(emailed winner 2/23)
Kung Fu Panda Movie Set - Denise M.(emailed winner 2/23)
Harlem Globetrotters - Ashley S.(mailed tix to Ashley)
Rubio's $40 Meal Vouchers - Claudia M.(emailed Claudia 1/22)
5 Modern Table Meals - Sarah L.(emailed Sarah 1/22)
Maze Runner Blu-ray - Tina R.(emailed Tina 1/22, info sent to FHE)

2015 Giveaway Winners:

$100 LivingSocial Deal Bucks - Monica A. (awarded per LS)
Fantastic 4 in Blu-ray - Ronald O. (got winner's info, info sent to FHE)
$100 Amex Gift Card + Luvs Diapers - Kristine C. (info submitted, per 1/21 Luvs hasn't sent prize but will do soon)
Santa's Little Helper DVD - Lisa P.(e-mailed Lisa 1/22, info sent to FHE)
Irvine Park Railroad Christmas Event Tickets - Kelly F.(info sent to IPRR)
Paper Towns in Blu-ray - Jerry M.(e-mailed winner, info sent to FHE)
Hallmark Personalized Book - Lesley F. (info sent to Hallmark)
Home Alone 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition Gift Set - Robin W(info sent to FHE)
$20 Del Taco Gift Card - Jill C.(info sent to Del Taco)
Lakeshore Learning Mighty Micro Toy Collection - Brittany C.(info sent to Lakeshore)
Modern Family Season 6 DVD Complete Set - Austin B.(info sent to FHE)
Leap Frog Number Loving Oven Toy - Dinah G.(e-mailed winner, info sent to LeapFrog)
SPY Blu-ray Giveaway - Margot C.(info sent to FHE)
Hallmark Disney/Pixar Cubeez Set - Amy D.(info sent to Hallmark)
$25 Amazon Gift Card - Jeanna S.(by DDigital)
Irvine Park Railroad Tickets - Cas P.(emailed to IPRR)
$250 Gymboree Gift Card Giveaway - Tara O.(by BMVP)
Whole Foods Back to School Giveaway - Mary C.(info sent to Whole Foods)
Folk Revival Festival Tickets - Mazal Green
$25 Amazon Gift Card - (by DD)
California Beer Festival Tickets - Iris P.(info sent)
Strawberry Shortcake DVD - Melanie C.(info sent to FHE)
Home Movie in Blu-ray - Beth S.(info sent to FHE)
Far the Madding Crowd Bluray - Jordan G.(info sent to FHE)
4 So Delicious Vouchers - Kelly O.(vouchers mailed)
The Longest Ride Bluray Giveaway - Austin B.(info sent to FHE)
Turbo Fast DVD - rafflecopter acting up, waiting for resolution
Zoku Popsicle Maker - Rosie M.
Ringling Bros. Circus Tickets - Shaba S.
$20 Del Taco Gift Card - Jaimee B.
Combi Fold & Go Stroller - Amanda T.
$2500 in Walmart Gift Cards -
Firefly Toothbrush Prize Package - Cynthia L.
Hallmark Star Wars Gifts- Bridget P.
Free Like Birdie Blanket + Bag - Claudia M.
Hallmark Star Wars Gifts- Bridget P.
Re-Play Recycled Feeding Set - James R.
Irvine Park Railroad Bike & Paddleboat Rental - Elena R.
Strawberry Shortcake DVD - Terry M.
Paleoful Baking Mixes - Victoria S.
Stacked Gift Card 3 winners - Penny L., Calijulz, Nina I.
CA Strawberry Festival Tix - Elsa O.
Wingstop Gift Card - Naty U.
Sesame Street Live 2 sets of 4 Tix - Devon F. & Denise D.
Baskin- Robbins Gift Card - David L.
Tickets to A Faery Hunt - Rachel H.
Free Registration to Run at Universal Studios - Sabrina M.
Step2 Climber/Slide $220 Value - Kasie T.
Tickets to Club MomMe Spring Fest - forfeited
Pet Expo - Chi K.
Night at the Museum Blu-ray - Erika S.
Disney on Ice - Jody L.
Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival - Guia H.
Irvine Park Railroad - Buffy S.
Modern Table Meals - Cas E.
Penguins of Madagascar - Kim R.
Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips - Erica B.
The Best of Me Blu-ray - Heather P.
LA Boat Show - Sabrina M.
Harlem Globetrotters - Jenny L.
McD's Happy Meal with Cuties - Rosey M. & Lauren S.
Strawberry Shortcake DVD - Ashley L.
LA Travel Show - Cynthia M.
Del Taco Gift Card - Shelly P.
ChubChub Baby Food Holder - Jen Z.
Minted $50 Credit - Melanie C.

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