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Legoland Food besides the Famous Granny's Apple Fries

Legoland! When one mentions Legoland, I immediately think of their famous apple fries. But I didn't realized, until our recent Legoland California trip, that there's actually other good food at Legoland besides apple fries.


Upon arrival at Carlsbad, we went ahead and check-in at Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa (the hotel that gave us back gate access to Legoland) before proceeding to Legoland. So by 11 or 1130 when we got to the theme park, we decided to just eat lunch first before going around. Weirdly enough, the back gate access from Sheraton will enter through the Castle Hill area of Legoland where you'll immediately see Granny's Apple Fries.

As I purchased what I've been craving for for some time now. We decided to split up so the hubby can get the real meal and he ended up at the nearby Legoland BBQ place - Knight's Smokehouse BBQ. Glad he did! Their bbq was amazing!

If you're wondering what the Legoland food cost or Legoland food prices are. Check the menu below.  I don't remember what we paid for, we were already hungry! And the food serving is huge, even the kids meal was a lot so the hubby and I shared a plate and the kids shared their kids meal. And let's just say someone shared the apple fries with us, we got the apple fries and she got most of the whipped cream. Silly kid. LOL!

What's on your mouth? Nothing mommy!

Legoland California has quite an up and down slope to it. You won't immediately notice it coz' you're just excited but after walking from one ride to another, you'll realized, why am I so tired.. and hungry .. again. We have just eaten and we were snacking again. The popcorn was great by the way. It was a combination of cheese and caramel. The kids wanted just the cheese covered popcorn and the adults ended up with all the caramel. The kids wanted to get those Chicago style popcorn the next day but the stall didn't open until late afternoon. So just so you know, the food stalls don't seem to open at the same time everyday.

I also want to share that 5 hours at Legoland is long enough. More like pushing it already. So if you're going and wanted to cover everything, stay for the night and go to the theme park for 2 days. We stayed 2 nights and it was great. I don't think we would have survived it without having a hotel close to Legoland to surrender our aching old selves to.

If you are going when Legoland is open from 10 to 7, I would suggest getting a nap in between, just make sure to wake up so you can get back to Legoland.

If you're wondering about the Legoland Food and Drink Policy. I've check Legoland California's website and it states: "Coolers and outside food are not permitted in the Park, however bottled water and any food or beverages required for specific dietary needs are allowed."

You may check the other Legoland dining options before going or if you have dietary restrictions, check this Legoland dining guide for food options.

On our second day at Legoland. I had to try their "bao" at the Legoland Ninjago area. I grew up eating them and was excited to try it. Unfortunately, it was different from what I was accustomed to eating. Their version was actually Vietnamese banh mi on a steamed bao buns. It was good but just not what my palate was hoping for. I was looking for the Chinese version that had mustard vegetable that makes it salty and crunchy.

The kids and the hubby on the other hand ate pizza before we went to the Pirates Shores area where we got really soaked from the Pirate Reef ride. That and how we got back at the other riders for getting us all soaked will go in another post. Haha. It was all for fun though.

Besides burgers, pizza and pasta. Legoland also has a ramen place and a crepe stall at the Lego Friends area. And before I discuss the churros con chocolate you're seeing below. I should warn any adult to not ride the carousel at Lego Friends. Or at least don't ride it but don't tell your hubby that I told you not too. Coz' for fun and giggles, it hurts so bad. Hahahahaha. I'll share that experience another time and let's go back to Legoland food instead.

Well where are we? Churro! What's a trip to the theme park without churro. Legoland's churro is short but 3 times thick than the churro we're used to. It comes with a really thick chocolate dip. And that chocolate cookie that's peaking on that photo below, you better order that!

Well that's all I can share about Legoland food for now. I look forward to trying their other food in another visit and will make sure to actually check the Legoland food prices next time so I can give you guys better info on that.

Tomorrow maybe we'll talk about the funny yet painful experience at the carousel so do come back as I share the look on my husband's face when he was on the carousel.. coz' you know.. I forgot to tell him it was painful. Hahaha. 

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  1. The apple fries look amazing! I've never had those before.

    1. Once you try them, you'll keep looking for them. :)


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