Monday, November 14, 2016

Win a Wine or Beverage Cooler: Get your Home Ready for Entertaining

disclosure: this is a promotional post for NewAir. All opinions are my own.

As we finally try to settle into our new home, I'm trying not only to make everything more organized, but also to make it more comfortable for us and for our guests coming to visit. We've added a beverage cooler this week and it looks great - bringing home entertaining to a whole new level.

Goodbye portable cooler and say hello to Newair ABR-960 96 Can Beverage Cooler! It's sleek, fits 96 cans and is very compact. Read about it below and join the giveaway to win a beverage cooler for yourself and let the fun begin!

Not sure if you need a Beverage Cooler and need more convincing? Check the 4 Reasons Why You Should Own One:

  • Wow Factor to Home Entertaining
If you always have guests over or throw parties all the time. It's time to get a beverage cooler. Fill it with various drinks and guests can just grab a drink when they want too. They can help themselves to any drinks and you can focus on other things like preparing the food or simply entertaining.

The Newair ABR-960 96 Can Beverage Cooler is constructed out of stainless steel. The handle and frame of this beverage cooler is sleek and sturdy. The appliance is frost free and is very easy to maintain. It also came in plug ready, all I ever did was screw in the door handle and filled it with drinks.

  • Convenience
For our past parties, we've tried filling the sink with ice and putting drinks on it and also getting a portable cooler - filling it with drinks and ice. Not only do you have to set it up before the party, there's also an after party clean up needed. And realizing how dirty it gets when the ice melts and the water bottles starts floating inside the cooler is just nasty. The melted ice starts getting inside the water bottles. Then you'd have to store that portable cooler somewhere after you dry it. 

The Newair ABR-960 96 Can Beverage Cooler can fit 96 cans of soda or beer or 58 beer bottles and cools down to a perfect 36 degrees. It's ready before your party even starts and there's no clean up involved after your party.

  • Comfort
The Newair ABR-960 96 Can Beverage Cooler is not only perfect for parties though but great for those who loves relaxing at home as well. Perfect for the man cave, home theater, game room or basement family room.

Measuring 34 inches in height, it can be slid underneath a countertop to make the best use of the space in the kitchen or home bar area. Yet it's also suitable for freestanding use, the cooler has a reversible door that allows you to change the swing to ensure easy access. I'm planning to add a counter so both our wine cooler and beverage cooler can look built-in.

It's dimension is 22.50" x 14.88" x 33.75".
  • Better Organization
We own 1 fridge and I swear it's not enough to fit everything. I understand now why families own 2 fridge. So imagine even trying to fit all the drinks into your fridge, whether you're throwing a party or just for everyday use, they take up space that you don't even have to begin with. So it's so much nicer to have a designated beverage cooler for all your favorite drinks.

It also comes with an adjustable LED blue lighting that can be set to light at 100%, 50% or off.
The compressor-powered chiller produces minimal vibrations so you hardly hear anything as well.

The cooler also includes 6 slide out shelving for convenient access to all your beverages. The black shelving make for a sleek modern look. And though I don't know if I'll ever need it but it also comes with a lock if you need it.

Left: double packaging. Right: Parts and instruction Manual
The whole thing also gets shipped in a double packaging, so rest assured you're getting it undamaged during shipment.

Ready to give it a try. Order your Newair ABR-960 96 Can Beverage Cooler and get your home ready for entertaining. Also try your luck by joining the giveaway below. If you win, you have the option to choose between a wine cooler or a beverage cooler. Good Luck.

Leave your comments, let us know if you want a beverage cooler or wine cooler this holiday!!!


One lucky reader will win: NewAirUSA Beverage or Wine Cooler

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  1. I have always wanted a beverage cooler ;) I hope I win this one!

  2. This is awesome. Thanks for the info - I have been doing research as I will be designing a wine room. This is a great giveaway, too!


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