Monday, July 11, 2016

Dinner Winner Game Board Plate: Mealtime Game Changer + Giveaway

The picky eater ate shrimp for the very first time!!! Wow! Thanks to Dinner Winner, the game board plate or tray for kids, big sis' gamely ate shrimp and we are now on day 3 of trying new food. She is doing her best to finish her grapes as we speak so she can open the treasure at the very end of the tray and even asked for more shrimp today.

I'm excited to let her try more food. I have no problem letting her eat a lot but her choices are very limited and she really wouldn't give in no matter how much I try. But she gave in to Dinner Winner because she wants to see the surprise or reward she can get in at the end. If you've got a picky eater, I would recommend giving this a try. Read up below and also join our Dinner Winner giveaway, one of our lucky readers will win a set of Dinner Winner.

Dinner Winner comes in 4 designs. A pirate theme plate, a Forest plate that the kids call the princess plate, a hero plate called Supper Hero, and their original game board design.

Our kids are polar opposites. They came out looking alike when they were born but everything else is unbelievably different. One is mellow, one is (ehem) uncontrollable. One loves to sleep, one would wake up so easily.

Then when it comes to food. Breakfast alone I have to make 2 different meals. One likes pancake and bacon, the other is into sausage and eggs. One likes spaghetti, the other is mac & cheese. Big sis is chicken and beef, lil sis is shrimp and salmon. And they won't eat what the other is eating. I want big sis' to be more adventurous and when you have a picky eater like I do, you know why I'm rejoicing over her eating shrimp.

hmm.. shrimp. LOL!

After she tried the shrimp she exclaimed, "You can pack me shrimp for school". And I'm thinking, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

I wasnt able to make lil' sis try her carrots as she doesn't understand the reward system yet but she ate a lot using the tray. And while big sis ate following the game board, lil' sis' ate her fave food first. Today, big sis' also ate from her lil' sis' plate so she can claim the other surprise.

I didn't put chocolate or other treats as a surprise. Instead I put a note inside of what they can win. A trip to the Zoo, watch a new movie, things we were already going to do that they don't know about yet. Oh ya, I also got her to try mango.

The kids picked two trays so we can give the other two to her cousins to try. Lil sis' who wants to own everything got first pick and choose the Forest theme. And then big sis went for the pirate's theme. 

Show this to your kids, ask them which one they'll choose.

Dinner Winner is not microwaveable but goes to the dishwasher just fine. Each has 9 compartments with the last one having a cover for the reward. 

They are really cool, I wish I had them growing up. It's the modern bento and really helps with mealtime challenges. 

Do try them out. Join the Dinner Winner Giveaway below, one winner will win a set. Good Luck!!!

One lucky reader will win: Dinner Winner Trays

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  1. I have the most pickiest eater with my 2 young kiddos, so it's pretty challenging to make sure they get their veggies, fruit is not an issue but really want to try to get them eat more veggies!

  2. Have this on my Amazon wishlist! With 3 kids, they loved all of them.

  3. I can't get my daughter to eat veggies and I am a vegetarian lol

  4. Our biggest challenge is getting our kids to eat. They love fruits but never want to eat a meal.

  5. This looks so fun! I have very picky eaters :/ My challenge every night is getting them to eat what we are eating.They would eat mac & cheese every night if I would let them

  6. My kids are picky eaters. I have a hard time getting them to eat veggies and certain meats. I think this is a great way to get them excited about eating these foods :)

  7. My youngest only eat carb. He doesn't eat any protein that his weight is becoming an issue =(. My oldest better in terms of eating only cucumber and strawberry as his non carb/protein food. This is a great idea. Hopefully will get them excited to eat more food.

  8. my kids are all picky eaters. we let them eat when they are ready.

  9. It depends on the night and the meal - unless it's hot dogs or mac 'n cheese, it usually starts out with "I don't like this!" by at least one of them. 80% of the time, once they try the food, they actually like it! haha.

  10. My youngest is a pretty picky eat.i have a heck of a time with her eating her vegetables


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