Friday, April 22, 2016

Disney on Ice Treasure Trove Review

Disney on Ice had its opening night yesterday on Long Beach and though we've seen maybe 10 Disney on Ice productions, we still get excited every time. They will be playing until this weekend so grab your Disney on Ice tickets as they are really worth watching.

If you've never seen Disney on Ice before or even if you have, you would think that it's mostly about the Disney Princesses that you'd only bring your darling daughters to the show. But I think out of all the Disney on Ice productions we've seen, Treasure Trove is the most balance one so you can bring your lil prince to the show. You'd see Toy Story, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Lion King and a whole lot more. Check some of the pictures we took at the show below.

My favorite part of the Disney on Ice Treasure Trove show was when Aladdin and Jasmine rode on the magic carpet ride.

If you're an Alice in Wonderland fan, you'll love the playing cards. They were literally back to back and they have a choreography where they'd cross each other, you'd think they'd hit each other, but actually they won't. Such precision on the ice. I can't even stand on ice without falling on my back after a few seconds.

Lil sister loved the lanterns when Tangled played. They even asked a lil girl from the audience to help them fly one of the lanterns. I would suggest getting front row seats if you can, it's so much nicer up front. But anywhere you sit is not bad as well.

The castle backdrop and costumes on Disney on Ice Treasure Trove was beautiful as well. It made me think of wanting to put up an Aladdin birthday party next, seriously.

You will see a lot of Disney characters at Disney on Ice Treasure Trove, it will really get the kids excited.

Peter Pan also flew in as well as Tinker Bell. And Captain Hook got eaten by the inflatable alligator.

The kids had so much fun, even waving hello to Jasmine when she waved to our side of the arena. And as I write this, the lil one is asking me to take her again.

Before the show, during intermission and after the show, you can peruse through Disney on Ice merchandise. Popcorn, cotton candy & ice drinks in Disney containers are available but you can also get other food like pizza, sandwiches and salad at the concession stand at Long Beach Arena.

If you're watching Disney on Ice at the Long Beach Arena. Parking is $10. I would suggest parking at the outdoor parking entering though Shoreline Drive. It's easier to get out of there after the show as compared to the structured parking that you can access through Ocean.

Have Fun. Disney on Ice Discount Tickets HERE.

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