Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mulan Mini-Musical Discount Tickets $7.50

Avail of Mulan Musical Discount Tickets $7.50 and see the hour long mini-musical at Santa Monica's Creating Arts Company this March all the way to April. Our little ones are such big fans of Mulan, so this would be a perfect show for them.

Mulan the Warrior Princess is a fun, fast-paced theater experience for audiences of all ages. Come dressed in your favorite warrior prince or princess outfit and help Mulan win the battle!

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WHERE: Creating Arts Company, 3110 Pennsylvania Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404
WHEN: March 29 - April 9, 2016
TICKETS: full price $15, Mulan Musical Discount Tickets $7.50


When foreign invaders threaten to overthrow Imperial China, the emperor calls for one man from each family to take up a sword and join the army to defend the homeland. With her father too old to answer the call, the young maiden Mulan must disguise herself as a man to join the fight and fulfill her family's duty. 

Over the course of this hour long musical at Santa Monica's Creating Arts Company, Mulan discovers her strength through song, dance and a little help from the audience. 



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  1. I wish this was coming to my area. I doubt it will be in Arkansas though. So jealous.

  2. I love the movie Mulan. This would be fun to attend. I wish we had things like this where I live.


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