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5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick + Care Package Idea and Free Printable Tag | #MeAndMyTea

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I typically don't get sick (knock on wood) because I know how to avoid getting sick or I know what to do when I feel like I'm about to get sick. I literally have a way of bouncing back from sickness in a matter of hours. You're probably thinking is that even possible? Yes It is!

Check out my tips below on How to Avoid Getting Sick or at least How to Easily Cure Yourself especially with the cold and flu season we're in right now. If you know someone who is currently battling the cold and flu though, you might want to send him or her a care package. Check my care package tutorial and print the free printable gift tag as well.

Sometimes I would wake up in the morning with a sore throat and I immediately do certain steps that will cure me by noon. After all, as a mom, I can't get sick. The hubby and the kids are relying on me to keep it together. Here are my 5 tips to avoid getting sick:

1. Get Enough Sleep

To avoid getting sick, get plenty of eye shut. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be 8 hours. We just have to somehow stay close to our sleeping and waking hours. If for some reason I don't follow this rule, I already know before I close my eyes that I'll wake up sick and I actually do. If this happens though, check tip #2.

2. Warm Tea

If I do wake up with a sore throat that might look like it will become a full blown cough and cold. I would immediately make myself a cup of Bigelow Tea paired with honey right when I wake up. I'd make more til' my throat feels better.

I also drink this almost thrice a week to keep me warm and help me avoid getting sick, it's part of my cold/flu season essentials.

3. Keep Clean

Washing our hands is a given. But one of the things we forget to do is to always change our clothes right when we get home. We all change to home clothes before doing anything in the house when we arrived, this has really help us stay away from getting sick especially the kids.

4. Listen to your Body

We should listen to our body and not over exert ourselves when we feel we've already done so. If it needs to rest, let it rest. The hubby doesn't wanna listen. And he goes from being okay to having a cold to being in bed all week coz' he would overwork himself. And I would constantly remind him, "This happened before where I told you to rest already and it became worst coz' you just keep going."
If the task we need to do is not that important, take that few hours to let your body recuperate. Nowadays, he's been really listening to his body and to ME. LOL!

5. Eat Well and Take Vitamin C

When everyone around me is already sick, I eat well and take Vitamin C. I'm always the last man standing. The only downside is I'd have to take care of everybody, Haha.

But it's okay, I really don't wanna be sick. I'd rather make care packages, LOL. Check out my idea for a care package below and start sharing them to friends.

Materials you need:

Put all the necessary stuff to keep your friend warm this season then add our gift tag for a cute and warm care package.

We always stacked up on Bigelow Tea as it's not merely good for colds but also for the cold weather we're in. You can find them at the tea aisle at Walmart. I do grab some snacks as well and a quick trip to the toy section is a must in all our visits (per kids requests).

I hope you will follow my tips and stick to making care packages instead of being sick! We have so many scheduled events to attend this month that we don't wanna miss so I'd have to keep us all clear from colds and fever. Hope you do too, enjoy your week guys.


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  1. I really love your care package idea and love drinking tea during Winter and to make sure to wash my hands a lot and make sure the kids do to. Also getting enough sleep is a must! Thanks for the basket idea!

    1. thanks. Glad that you like it. :)

  2. This care package is adorable. I would love to give (or get) a package like this. Bigelow tea is my favorite! [client]

    1. thanks for the kind words, if you leave nearby I should drop off one to you. :)

  3. I could use that care package right about now. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great tips! I've just caught the kids' cold!! Will use your ideas.

  5. Ah, this is just so sweet. I love the idea of the gift basket. Such a great idea!

  6. I used to be that person who just didn't really get sick. Then I developed diabetes, which affects the immune system. Now, every little cold or flu hits me & takes twice as long to get rid of. So, I have developed a big interest in doing things to build resistance!


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