Sunday, July 5, 2015

Never Buy Ice from the Store Again with @NewAirUSA Ice Maker AI-100SS

disclosure: I'm a NewAir brand ambassador and tested their ice maker for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I finally pulled out our NewAir Portable Ice Maker from its box last week. I had it for a few weeks already but since I've never used a portable ice maker before, I was hesitant to plug it in. Simply for the reason that I hate reading product manuals, haha. But I already needed all the ice I can get as there is no escaping the summer heat. I'm glad to have finally done so coz' it was actually super easy to use and who doesn't need ice this time of the year.

We typically have to buy ice whenever we have a house party and when we go on a road trip coz' we pack 2 big gallons of milk with us on an ice chest for the kids. The hassle of having to go to the store on the day of the party or the morning of our trip can now be avoided with our NewAir Ice Maker.

There was a actually a time when I have to ask one of my guest to get the ice coz' I couldn't leave home anymore as its nearing party time. Who would make their guest go buy ice? That's just a big no-no. Good thing the NewAir AI-100SS Portable Ice Maker can make up to 28 pounds of ice a day. So our party can just keep going and the iced drinks can keep flowing.

Before using the ice maker, I washed its interior with warm water diluted with dish soap then rinsed it again with water. I pulled the drain stopper on the side and let the water drain in the sink. Very easy to clean and it's ready to use after that.

I poured filtered watered, plugged the ice maker, and after about 12 minutes, I got my first batch of ice. The product manual stated 6-15 minutes, but mine was at about 12 minutes per batch.

The most important thing for me is to make sure the ice doesn't have some weird taste nor smell to it. Happy to report that it tasted clean like our water. I gave the hubby a glass of OJ with tons of ice and he's a happy camper.

I've also wondered before getting the ice maker whether I needed to plug a water host into it, but actually you just pour water into it. I'm used to the industrial type ice maker like the big one we have in our resto. It's actually only now that I've ever known about a portable size ice maker that's perfect for home. And since its portable, you can bring it with you on your RV or anywhere you needed ice as long as there's a plug. Better yet, put it on a shaded part of your backyard during your bbq party.

You can make 3 sizes of ice with it and it's also fun to watch the ice get released from the metal tubes that creates the ice. Check out the quick video below to see how the NewAir AI-100SS Portable Ice Maker works and never buy ice from the store again.

Want some refreshing drink this summer? Check out my milo dinosaur recipe, an easy to make icy chocolate malt drink.

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  1. This is a great invention! I'd love to have one. I did read many refrigerators with ice makers have many problems with that part, better to just get a real ice maker! I can't get enough ice for smoothies, drinks, recipes like making old fashioned ice cream - once you have this, you'll wonder how you got by without it!

  2. Very neat idea! This would be so great to have in my house. We go through a lot of ice in the summer.


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