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6 Tips on How to Get More Things Done in a Day | #V8EnergyBoost @Walmart #Giveaway #AD

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I was already a busy stay at home mom when I started my blog back in 2012. I have a thing for starting new ventures and believe it or not I still want to do more. My day to day workload piles up like how my laundry does, then add a toddler in the mix. It's like I never get anything done. Some days are stressful & energy depleting at the same time.

But I really want to do it all. So beginning of this year, I decided that I can't keep complaining that there's not enough time, not enough sleep, not enough energy. Instead, I should find ways to make things more efficient, how I can be more productive in those 24 hours yet still find balance and have energy for the kids, the hubby, and myself. Today, I share with you guys my 6 Tips on How to Get More Things Done and Have the Energy to Do it All:

1. Plan your Week: Jot it Down. Take a few minutes every night to jot down everything you need to accomplish the for the next day or for the whole week even. You'll be able to do more, you won't forget anything, and you'll have a sense of accomplishment when you check each one off by the end of day.

When I don't have a game plan, I become scattered especially when I'm tired. It's hard for me to think of what I'm suppose to do next. So plan ahead and write it down, so you don't waste any time.

2. Balance Your Day. Divide your schedule that includes your top priorities and then some. Like the kids, errands, chores, work, and include some "ME" time into your day. A little bit of each means one won't pile up to an overwhelming amount at the end of the week that just by looking at it, you wouldn't wanna do it.

I balance my planner to have time for the kids, the blog, the errands, the chores, and "ME" time. I've accepted the fact that I can't finish everything, but I know I'm accomplishing something in all aspects of my ever so busy life.

3. Make it A Habit: Clean as You Go, File as You Go. You can get more stuff done if you form your chores as habits. Like clothes on the hamper, baby bottles straight to the sink, e-mails straight to its folder, pictures filed properly on your computer. Working on it now means less digging, less u-turns at the end of day.

I'm still working on those pictures of course, hehe, I know you are too. And a lot of them are still on the phone as well until we have no more space. I'm sure you're guilty of this as well.

4. Don't Procrastinate: Stop Thinking, Start Doing. Sometimes, because I have so much to do. I have the tendency to overthink them. Those 15 minutes of me thinking of the process when I could have done it in that 15 minutes. I still do fall into the cracks every now and then. But I have more "Me" time if I stick to doing it and not overthinking it.

5. There's an APP for that. Use the internet to your advantage to make you more productive and not as a tool to get stuck browsing through your newsfeed. There's an APP for everything to make things easier depending on what you need. I just wish they made an app or a machine that folds the laundry.

This year I've use a few apps to schedule social media postings for my blog and it's definitely been helpful.

6. Take Quick Breaks and get some Energy Boost. You can't do it all if you're low on energy. Since I'm so busy and don't really get much sleep either. I take a quick break in the afternoon when I'm really low on energy. I unplug and drink a V8 V-Fusion+Energy Drink to keep me going. It's my grab and go drink. It's nutritious with the combined serving of fruit and vegetable. It has natural energy from green tea. Green Tea also boost your metabolism, something the 30 something me really needs.

I found them at Walmart last week while looking for those famous EOS lip balm(the cheapest I've seen) and end up buying more than lip balms. We got clothes, toys, and 2 packs of V8 V-Fusion+Energy Drink. I got the Orange Pineapple and the Peach Mango flavor. It's only 50 calories per 8 oz serving. I especially need it when we are out on the weekends attending one event to another. I like the two flavors I got, but the Peach Mango is the clear winner.

Hope these tips can help you get more stuff done. And check out V8 V-Fusion+Energy Drink when you're at Walmart, they can be found in the juice aisle.

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  1. I am guilty of procrastinating. I go into FB to post and then instead I am looking around.

  2. I'm so into lists!!! I make them all the time. It's a great way to feel like you've accomplished something, even if it's just doing a load of laundry.

  3. I would love to try the Peach Mango but they all sound really yummy!!! lindsayhess84@yahoo.com


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