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Start a Blogging Career with these 10 Steps to Starting a Blog

Do you want to Start a Blog but don't know where to begin?

If you've read My Blog Story, you'll know that before I started making money blogging, it took me a month of research and a lot of hours to get my blog to where it is now, but it's been very fulfilling. I've always wanted to be a Food & Travel show host. But who needs a TV show when you can have your own website to do the same. Okay, it's not the same, but quite similar.

Let me share with you some Blogging Guidelines: 10 Steps to Starting a Blog to help you finally join the Blogging World.


The very first step to starting a blog is doing your research. Don't just start a blog coz' you've been following a blogger and you want to be like him or her. Research will help you know what you really want, your competition, the design you're going for, the different ways to monetize.

From everything you'll be able to gather both from reading blog tutorials and checking various blogs, you'll be able to come up with a blog base from what you like and what you don't like.


There are so many different blog niche out there. Food, Lifestyle, Fitness, Fashion, Craft or DIY, etc. You can stick to one or have 2-3 blog niche within your blog.

Your Blog Niche will usually stem out from a hobby, a skill or something you're passionate about. Stick to what you can continue to write about for a few years.

If you can't figure out what you wish to write about but want to blog to make extra income or eventually make it a full time stay at home job. Just look around at what you already do on a daily basis. Do you like to cook, do crafts, read books, exercise. Start from there. If you have a unique niche no one has ever written about, even better.


Only another blogger will understand when I say Blogging takes up so much time. So it's very important to know why you wish to do it so you can keep at it long enough to be successful at it.

It is recommended that bloggers publish at least 3 posts a week(depending on your niche). You can also schedule your posts in advance and go on a 7 Day Cruise like we did and not have to worry about it. Do you have the time to do at least 3 posts or will you lose sleep or that spare hour you use to have to rest, workout, or binge on Netflix.(I try to post once a day).

Lots of bloggers go through a burnout phase as well. Know exactly why you want to start a blog coz' blogging is hard work. It's not for everybody. We just make it look easy. But it's already 11:46PM and this post is still not done, haha.


I've come up with so many clever names for my blog, but they were either taken as a domain name or on social media. I've also seen bloggers fight over having almost the same name, even tag lines. So I'd recommend having a unique blog name right from the start, but one that people can remember as well.

Remember that your blog name will be your brand name, make sure it really represents you and clearly represent what you're writing about. Your name can either be very specific to your blog niche or if you think you're gonna be having a few topics on your blog, make sure your name somehow encompasses all of that.

Also make sure that it's still the blog name you want in a few years. A lot of bloggers ask if they can change their blog name after a few years because their current name no longer defines their current state. It's okay to change, 'coz you can just redirect people to your new blog. But try to avoid that hassle, you don't want to lose some of your existing followers both on your blog and on social media, so really think of your domain name.

You should also purchase your domain name right from the start. It's not really expensive. Ours was $10 for 2 years I think. Although I still started as www.AnyTots.blogspot.com until I was sure the only way I can be taken seriously by brands I wish to work with is to have an actual domain, so I purchase and changed to www.AnyTots.com after a few months.


It's important to check that the blog name you want is also available on all forms of social media channels and try to make them all the same as to not confuse the brands and your readers and even yourself.

I'm AnyTots on all of them(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google Plus are some of them).

There will be times when you will be answering forms and you'd have to indicate you social media channels. It would help you to easily answer it if they are all the same. And a brand that follows you on Instagram might want to check you on Twitter. They'll easily find you if it's the same name.

It's also very important that your social media buttons are highly visible on your blog. Tutorial on this next time.


Know if you want your blog to be hosted under blogger or wordpress. This blog is under Blogger, it's a free platform. I only paid for the domain name. I honestly think Wordpress looks better but it comes with fees. But with a few coding here and there, I was able to make my blog look like how I want it to be. What do you guys think of my blog design?


You can design your blog logo on Adobe Illustrator. If you don't know how to make one, you can hire a graphic designer to help you design your blog logo. Luckily, I have a little background on graphic design so I just did it myself. But when I have the time(when will that be), I'd like to perfect it more.

For your blog layout, assuming you're going to do it on blogger. There are already free templates and all you need to do is tweak it. Like changing colors, fonts, etc. You'll be spending a lot of time in the beginning trying to make your layout & blog design to how you'd want it. And believe me, after a few months, you'll want a re-design again. It's perfectly normal. Just have fun!


Before you start writing your post, read up on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is what will help your post/s get found on the web. What this means is your post will have keywords that people typically type in when they are looking for something.

As an example, people looking for Frozen Party may type Frozen Party, Frozen Party Ideas, or Frozen Party Favors. Having the right keywords on your title and on your post will help your post in being found. But remember that you can also get penalize by Google if you overly use the keyword in your post.


Once your blog is all set up, it's time to build your content. For the first few months, don't worry about monetizing your blog yet. Focus on building your content. As well as promoting it on social media.

In the beginning, you will be very glued to checking how many clicks your post got, how many page views your blog got for the day, how many new followers you got on twitter, etc. Just keep going. Enjoy the process & the coffee beside you.

Don't forget to promote the post you've publish. Not promoting it is like exercising without eating healthy. You are not maximizing it's potential.


Network with the blogs you follow or are in the same niche as you. They will be very helpful to your growth(and to keeping you sane, LOL). If you have questions, ask. Not everyone will be helpful, but some will. And you will find a blogger friend by reaching out. But still be careful in what you're asking for, you can't expect another blogger who has work her butt off to just hand you all the information you need. You gotta do the work too. But they are there as support especially since typically no one else blogs in your family. Right? Right!

Those are my 10 Steps to Starting a Blog. Hope it's been helpful. Let's discuss the Different Ways to Make Money Blogging in the next Blog Tutorial. Thanks for reading guys.

So are you ready to Start A Blog?

You can't just sit there and say I wanna blog but never act on it or is scared to start a blog. You're either gonna do it or you'll find reasons not to do it. There are people who quit, but there are also those who never even start.

Got any questions on how to start a blog? Leave your comments below.

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  2. I'm not a blogger, but it is interesting to learn a little about how blogs work.

  3. I been wanting to become a blogger since I made my Babywearing giveaway Facebook page two years ago. Also following several bloggers like yours too.


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