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Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy Show Review in LA

One of our writers, Erika Sindhuphak, watched Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy show in Los Angeles with her family the other night. Her household is full of Disney aficionados. So, when she asked her kids if they wanted to go to Disney On Ice, their reaction was, “Disney characters?! Ice skating?!?!  Yes!!!!” Read up on what she and her family thinks about the show plus check Disney on Ice Discount below. They will also be playing in Ontario.

Admittedly, I myself was pretty excited. I remember an elementary school kid eagerly telling me that she was going to Disney on Ice. We frequent Disneyland a lot but it will be a different experience to take the kids to Disney on Ice.

The Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy is currently taking place at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.  Driving up to the grandeur of the Sports Arena was a treat in and of itself.  The girls were wowed by the Coliseum and wanted to know what goes on there.*

After getting through security, we were inundated with Disney On Ice Merchandise. This particular Disney On Ice Show focuses on Disney Cars, The Little Mermaid, Tinker Bell, and Toy Story 3.  There were plenty of Woody, Jessie, and other characters in the form of light up toys.  I think I wanted to buy the toys more than my daughters did.  Of course, there were also Mickey Mouse and Friends merchandise. My youngest daughter’s favorite toy was the Mickey binoculars.

The food at Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy?  Lets just say that the displays alone made the girls think that they had arrived at the main event.  There were booths with tall poles filled with bags of popcorn and cotton candy.  Each bag had cute Tinker Bell and Little Mermaid hats attached.  Given that these are my daughters’ favorite treats, I was in trouble.

Entering the Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy arena, you'll see flashing lights everywhere. Vendors walking around with platters of Worlds of Fantasy Character inspired mugs.  Not to mention the infamous big poles of cotton candy and popcorn.

Mickey and Minnie entered the arena to kick off the show. After lots of talking and driving around (yes, a car on the ice rink!), their car breaks down.  Much to our delight, the Disney Cars came out to help the car restart.  My personal favorite was the low rider with the voice of Cheech Marin.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Los Angeles and get a kick out of seeing this car on the ice.  My girls seemed to get a kick out of seeing the Disney Cars on the ice, even though these are more their cousins’ cup of tea. 

Next on the Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy line-up came the Little Mermaid story.  The costumes were nothing short of spectacular.  There were imaginary waves (simulated with cloth), jellyfish, you name it.  The Ursula octopus impressed my husband.  I personally thought that the Dragon Fish was a nice detail.

Next up came the Tinker Bell story.  This story line focused on Tinker Bell first becoming a Tinker fairy.  The entrance of the main pixie hollow fairy/queen was majestic.  The pictures honestly does not do the scene justice.  Although the storyline for this set was a little less enthralling, my daughters loved the costumes and figure skating.  In my opinion, the best part of this story is when Spring occurs.  Lets just say the visual display put on by Disney on Ice did not disappoint the viewers.

Intermission followed and it allowed time for the kids to get up and stretch their legs.  Beware of the bathroom and food lines during intermission.  My husband went to grab a bottle of water for the girls while Tinker Bell was going on and we didn’t see him until the intermission was almost over.  Try to take care of business before the show starts to maximize your viewing time.***

When the lights turned back down, we were all delighted to find that the characters of Toy Story 3 came onto the ice.  Toy Story is a huge hit in my house. The ability of Disney On Ice to put characters such as T-Rex, Pork Chop, and Slinky was amazing! Even more impressive is the set changes that occurred throughout the show.  

The show starts out with Andy in his room, getting ready to go to college.  All of the furniture is “regular” size.  Once Andy leaves the room, the toys come to life and suddenly the furniture is huge!  My kids were mesmerized by the shear size of the furniture. And the characters came out one by one, as boisterous and loveable as they are on film. Can someone please tell me how in the world ice skaters can literally run on ice?

At some point, the characters move along to Sunny Side Day Care and we get to meet…Lotso the Bear!!!  I don’t want to ruin the fun by giving everything away, but lets just say that Lotso is very expressive.  My kids were laughing hysterically at his antics.

My absolute favorite part of the Toy Story skit at Disney On Ice was the scenes involving Ken and Barbie.  You get to see when they first meet.  Aside from that being hilarious, the ice skaters put on a nice show.  

Much to my amazement (and joy!), Disney On Ice included the scene where Ken models his wardrobe for Barbie.  I thought, “There’s no way they can possibly show all of the outfits.  These people are wearing skates. They can’t pull this off.”  Guess what, they did. And it was awesome!!!  Can you tell that this was one of our favorite parts of the show?

In conclusion, Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy does not disappoint.  The character costumes are beautifully done.  It is truly an experience to view live ice-skating.  The skaters did a great job and deserve props for skating around in some of these large costumes.  Most importantly, the atmosphere was visually interesting for the kids and had a “fun” vibe upon entering both the vending areas and arena.  If your kids love Disney, then they will surely enjoy the show.  In the words of my daughters, “The Disney On Ice Show was awesome!”

Disney on Ice Tips:

* We entered the parking lot on the 39th street entrance.  However, we discovered later that there was another parking lot one block south that was right next to the ticket office and entrance.  As a result, we had to take an extra hike.

**DSLR cameras are not permitted at the arena unless you're media.

***Buy food and use the restroom before the show starts to maximize viewing time.

disclosure: we were invited to see Disney on Ice to facilitate this post.

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