Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our Cinderella + Frozen Fever Advance Screening Experience

I can never get tired of watching Cinderella, either in animation form or in real life in the form of Lily James, who fit the Cinderella role really well, or shall we say, the shoe really fits. We were able to see it at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood where props from the movie were also on display. And not to miss is the Frozen Fever short animation that came before the Cinderella movie.

If you wish to see the film and the props, check here for Cinderella El Capitan Discount Tickets. You will even get to see Olaf in person as he introduces the show. As well as a light projection show accompanied by an organist.

The Frozen Fever short animation is.. well.. short. Really short. It's like watching a Frozen music video. But still adorable. They've changed up Anna & Elsa's dress so you can buy new ones this year. Such marketing genius. Including introducing snow bunnies that comes out whenever Elsa sneezes as she was sick while preparing to give Anna a surprise birthday party. But I won't say more and spoil your whole 7 minutes when you see it this coming weekend when Cinderella with Frozen Fever hits the cinemas. But I think we'll be buying Anna's dress this time.

Getting back to Cinderella. Without telling you the whole story, which you already know(LOL), It's really a must see. There is lesson to be learned. The costumes were all beautiful, except maybe for the Fairy Godmother(not my favorite). The carriage was grand. And you get to find out why Cinderella was named Cinderella.

It was our first time watching a movie at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood though I've always wanted to see the Disney movies there because they always put the film's props on display.

Cinderella's glass slipper was made of Swarovski crystal and it was stunning in real life. It was rotating on display and would glimmer at every turn. Cinderella's dress on the other hand had a teeny tiny waist. I wonder if Lily James wore a corset or that's really her waistline. Her dress looked like it glowed in the movie when she stepped into the Royal Ball. But her Royal gown is even more beautiful in the Cinderella movie. I hope to see it again.

A little warning for those with little ones is that they will ask what happened to Cinderella's dad and mom, they merely showed the mom getting sick and dad was just reported to have gotten ill during his journey. But my 4 yr old kept asking, what happened to them mommy? She know something went wrong. The same question was raised when we first watched Frozen when Elsa and Anna's parents went on the ship. She no longer ask after the movie though. What will she ask me when she turns 5?

After the movie, you should visit the Disney Ghirardelli store beside El Capitan Theater where you can purchase Disney Cinderella merchandise as well as Frozen Fever merchandise or check out the Disney store as some are not available there. I'm still debating over the tea set.

Make sure to see the movie. I highly recommend it. And hopefully, Disney will come out with a full version of Frozen.. 3.. or is it 2? After you see it, I'm sure you'll agree. Check back tomorrow. We are giving out an earring fit for the Royal Ball as you head out to see the movie this weekend.

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disclosure: we watched the advance screening as guests. This post may contain affiliate links.


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