Monday, January 26, 2015

American Girl Doll Store at The Grove: Every Girls' Dream Land

When we visited the American Girl doll store at The Grove the other day. I recalled a funny time in my childhood when I received my very first doll. I took out its braid and didn't know how to put it back. OMG! I kept trying and trying but to no avail, who knew you need to part the hair into 3 to create a braid. Very stressful for a kid to feel like you've broken your doll, LOL.

All these memories came back to me while we were waiting at the Doll Hair Salon at the American Girl store. Except our doll didn't have real hair coz' she's the baby version of an American Girl doll(My daughter will never have the same childhood dilemma us me, haha). So they put a ribbon around our American Girl Bitty Baby doll instead.

But if your doll has some long locks, the Doll Hair Salon will style it for you. Which definitely could have solved my braid issue as a kid if American Girl existed then. Now, if only I can bring my daughter there for a weekly untangle session, that would be great too. Haha.

If you've never been to an American Girl store, the Hair Salon is one of the fun services they offer that kids really love(for a fee).

We visited the American Girl store in Los Angeles, which is 2 floors by the way, and spent a full hour checking dolls, outfits, kits and more.

You can literally find a doll that looks like you. Blonde or brunette; Bangs no bangs; Brown eyes or blue eyes. Whatever you fancy. Or you can pick one from a certain era, or maybe a baby version which also includes twins, how neat is that.

To warn you, they're not your typical doll from most big box stores. It's beautiful and well-made which comes with a price that will be a shock to most. But they are worth it if your daughter loves dolls.

Our American Girl doll actually looks like our second daughter. That when she was a baby, sometimes we thought she was the doll on the sofa and vice versa. The eyes are very expressive as well. Our Bitty Baby Doll looks at us like she wants something from us, a hug perhaps?

American Girl also releases a doll every year with certain personalities. This year, her name is Grace Thomas. And she's a baker. And not only is the doll pretty, her dresses are cute, and the Patisserie set below is unfortunately all sold out, but if you visit the store, you get to experience playing with it until they re-stock and you get your own set.

Some of my favorites during this visit is the doll "Kit"(she's a reporter); the pink dress of Grace Thomas(girl of the year); her beret; the luggage; the Patisserie; the tub with bubbles on it. Okay.. who am I kidding. I love everything in that store. Check some below:

Besides the shopping and the Hair Salon, you can also get your doll's ear pierce or take her to the Doll Hospital for cleaning or repair. New eyes, new head, new limbs, you name it. I know my eldest won't break her doll, but our second one might, and it's good to know they can fix it here.

Another fun thing about the American Girl store is they sell matching outfits for your daughter and her doll. Now if only they have one for the mom too.. or will that be too much, LOL. Okay let's leave the playing to the kids, and the paying to the moms.. or the dads.

If you've never been to any of the 20 amazing American Girl stores. I'd recommend visiting. Or if you've been to the store, do you know they offer a free personal shopper service?

Just schedule an appointment and they'll help you shop base on your taste and budget, especially if 2 floors of merchandise sounds daunting to you. Sit and relax and they'll even ring up your order, no need to queue at the cashier in the front. Check the girls lounging while we discussed products with our knowledgeable personal shopper Karina.

Wish to visit soon? Check here for an American Girl store near you. And make sure to visit the American Girl Cafe for brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. Check out our American Girl Afternoon Tea Review here. Happy Reading.

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