Friday, December 5, 2014

Book Review: This House Needs a Mouse

Funny when you see a book that reminds you of yourself when you see the front illustration. A mouse holding a broom and a dustpan. That's me! The mouse(mom) who sweeps the floor nonstop, we happen to have crumb makers in the house.

This House Needs A Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally is funny tale about a mouse who seeks a life outside of his caged existence, and through a series of events, finds himself free and experiencing life with all its ups and downs, but remaining true to its purpose in life.

This is the newest addition to our kids growing collection of books. This House needs a Mouse is nicely illustrated. Perfect for the young readers or the lil ones who are just learning to read. I like the fact that in the story the toddler babbles in her.. well.. toddler babble. My kids think it's funny when I read the lines in my toddler voice.

This book is available now and you can get a copy of it on the book's website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Big Tent Books .

disclosure: We received this book for review. This post may contain affiliate links.

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