Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reminiscing our Spa Night at Burke Williams Spa VIP Event + Giveaway

Updated: 8/20/14 10:30PM We've included a $125 Spa Giveaway in this post. Join Below:

Tonight is one of those nights. I need some spa time again. Is the heat getting me down? Or this crazy allergy. Plus a back pain from trying to organize all the kids' toys.. that seems to fall back to the state where it first started in a split second.

I already miss my visit to Burke Williams Spa. Some Wednesday ago, I was there. And indulged in a very relaxing facial. I was actually invited to the Burke Williams Spa VIP event in Mission Viejo. And though it was far and we have a nearby location, I went so I can spend some time with my cousin who is one of our contributing writers here at Any Tots blog. And at the same time, check out the difference from its South Bay branch, check out my review of their Enhanced Nourishing Facial here.

The drive was horrid on the 405(as always). But I actually enjoyed myself. Belting out some songs while driving at a glacier pace. Okay maybe faster than a glacier, more like a horse carriage on the freeway(Lol). Over an hour after, I arrived in Mission Viejo into this beautiful spa facility.

We were given a choice if we want the hand and foot massage, or a mini facial. Since I just got a massage some days before the event(ya, I'm a spa junkie), I went for the mini facial and my cousin Guia got her massage.
We enjoyed some lite bites of charcuterie, cheese & fruit platter plus Champagne and wines. Then enjoyed a lil' chitchat then we were already ushered in for a tour of the spa followed by our scheduled service of facial and massage. We came out obviously very relaxed that our face can have a before and after picture with remarkable differences, haha.

We also tried the machine that checks on your skin followed by a consultation on what you can do to help with whatever skin problems you might have. The line to the hand paraffin was long, so we ditch it for some sushi dinner.

Thanks Burke Williams for a relaxing night and for the gift bag. I look forward to checking out each of your locations and maybe go back for a full day at the spa to get a massage this weekend. I love their jacuzzi and can stay there forever.

I did say I want to be at the spa right now, but amazingly, writing this post actually relaxed me. How about you guys, are you relaxed tonight? If not, no worries. We've included a Burke Williams Spa Giveaway to this post worth $125. They are Spa Passes valued at $125 that you can use to enjoy the spa's facilities on three separate occasions at any locations. You can also avail of 20% if you book a service when you plan to visit(optional). This is an awesome giveaway. They have Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, mist room, quiet room in a very relaxing and beautiful facility.

Win 3 Days of Spa Passes to Burke Williams valued at $125

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Disclosure: All the services mentioned above were provided for free as guest to the event. All opinions are my own. Giveaway hosted and will be fulfilled by Burke Williams Spa.

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  1. I love Burke Williams! It's a great place to relax and enjoy some 'me' time.

  2. I need this! I need some relaxing...

  3. I've never been to Burke Williams, but definitely love the idea of a massage/facial!

  4. I have never been, and have always wanted to go. I need a foot massage.

  5. Oooh la la! Lucky ducks! So fun! My sister has been going there lately! I think I need to join her there next time and get a massage!

  6. I haven't been but my friends have and they've had great things to say about it.

  7. I have only been to one Burke Williams, would love to try another location..

  8. I went once a long time ago with my mom. I fell asleep in the quiet room!

    Debnmike moretti


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