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Chronic Tacos $55 Gift Basket Giveaway: Eating Together as a Family

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We love to eat together as a family and is always looking for new places to try. One of those places we've always wanted to check out is Chronic Tacos, passing by it every time we drive home from Redondo Beach Pier or from Hermosa Beach. So glad to have finally tried it today us we really fell for their Al Pastor taco.

Chronic Tacos  offer freshly made menu items and a chill vibe. First, you choose if you want a taco, burrito or quesadilla and many more, then you choose your protein with seafood being a lil' extra, then you can choose your salsa, and all other fix-ins you want. We ordered lots of tacos and a burrito. We enjoyed everything we ate, but the Al Pastor(spicy pork) is a must order when choosing your meat. It was tender, well seasoned and had the right balance of spiciness and acidity. We went home really full. Burp! Haha.

The place is also perfect for watching sports(there's a bar with TV's) or just plain cravings of Mexican food with your family which is what we were there for. How about you guys, do you guys eat together as a family and enjoy mexican food? If you do, join our Chronic Tacos Gift Basket Giveaway valued at $55 and try out Chronic Tacos:

Check here for a Chronic Tacos locations near you.

Learn more about the Chronic Tacos Story: 

Randall L. Wyner and his friend Daniel A. Biello were the men and the idea behind Chronic Tacos. A Made-to-order Mexican food that was both fast and fresh. They wanted it to be far superior to what the competition was offering. With more than just good food, it could be a place where they would want to hang out too.

With third-generation recipes they acquired from a close family friend, the first Chronic Tacos was born. They created their first location in Newport Beach where the idea was born coz' they couldn't find a Mexican place nearby when they are hungry.

Chronic Tacos opened its Huntington Beach location in 2005, and this time it wasn't just about the tacos and fresh salsa; patrons were also treated to beer, wine, pool tables and a larger seating area for kicking back. Then the thought of franchising it out followed. So the first Chronic Tacos franchise opened in San Clemente in April of 2006. 

The momentum hasn't slowed down a bit; Chronic Tacos now has more than 30 locations throughout California and beyond, including locations in Nevada and Canada. Even professional skater and MTV Jackass legend Jason Acuña has gotten in on the action, opening his own Redondo Beach franchise called Wee Man's Chronic Tacos.

Serving generous portions of fresh, delicious food in a unique atmosphere continues to be the culture conveyed at every location.

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  1. We try and eat dinner together at the table every night. My hubby and I like Tacos - my boys, not so much... at least not yet ha ha

  2. I am a family of 1 but I love eating tacos! ;)

  3. I always made a habit of eating together as a family. My girls say their friends always said they were jealous that we had homemade cooked meals and ate together for dinner. Why have a family if you aren't going to be a family (especially why eating tacos) is what I always say!

  4. We eat together as a family as often as we can. Lots going on! Everyone loves tacos -- homemade or otherwise!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  5. No, we dont eat together cause our families schedule is all different during the week. But, on weekends, yes, we have breakfast, lunch and dinner all together.

  6. We eat together and love tacos!

  7. Yes! We love Chronic Tacos! and yes my son and I eat together

  8. Yes! My family tries to eat together every night. And we LOVE tacos. :D

  9. We always try to eat together every night and tacos are one of our favorite meals!

  10. Yes, we eat together as a family every night. We love tacos!

  11. I love tacos but I've never been to Chronic Tacos. We do eat together just about every night.

  12. My kids like to eat at Chronic Tacos! They love tacos!

  13. We always eat together and we love tacos too! I just recently tried Chronic Tacos here in Vegas the Palms Casino and they are AWESOME!!

  14. We do eat together as a family every night. My boys are young, so there aren't really any things to get in the way.
    Debnmike moretti

  15. We eat together as a family nearly every night. Husband and I love tacos. Kids like the shells with cheese!!


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