Monday, August 18, 2014

Giveaway: 10 Winners to Win Blaze Pizza of Choice at any Location

Who has tried Blaze Pizza? We have! And we keep going back. And to have you guys try it, we are giving away pizza to 10 lucky winners!!! Blaze Pizza gives you the option to Build your Own Pizza: choose the sauce, the kind of cheese, the meat, the veggies, you name it or you can just choose from one of their Signature Pizzas. Then your pizza is fast fire'd for 180 seconds. Then dig in!

We are very fortunate to live in the South Bay of Los Angeles where they have two branches already. But we frequent the one at Del Amo Fashion Center. Except due to its popularity, out of all the new restaurants that opened at the mall's new patio cafe, Blaze Pizza has the longest line.

Whenever we're about to cross the food-court area, my daughter would stop and say, "I want Blaze Pizza". So Blaze Pizza we go. It's famous for a reason and I believe it's the price. Imagine a whole cheese pizza for just $5.45 or for one topping it's just $6.45. And $7.95 for Build Your Own Pizza. Great price point!!

Another awesome thing is their pizza crust is so thin. Like the thinnest I've ever had. Makes me feel that though I'm having pizza, the carbs is not as much. Each slice has 64 calories, now the topping can add up, so that's in your hands. We usually order Pepperoni, then last time I tried BBQ Chicken and fell in love with banana peppers.

Our Moms Club is set to have our Moms Night Out at one of their branches this week and I'm so looking forward to creating a Build Your Own Pizza for myself and hanging out with friends and also ordering Smore's Pie based from the recommendation of one of our Facebook(AnyTots FB page) followers. But before that, let's get this pizza giveaway started folks.

Build Your Own Pizza


10 Winners to Win Blaze Pizza
Join below for a chance to win Blaze Pizza coupon to exchange for free Pizza of your choice. We're picking 10 winners. So let your friends and family join and maybe you can all go together to eat at Blaze Pizza from any of their locations, check here for a location near you.

Check out our raffle tutorial if you've never used rafflecopter to join raffles before.

Just sign in and do 1 mandatory task(like on facebook). But the more task you do like following us on twitter, leaving a comment, etc. gets you more chance of winning. Like buying more raffle tickets.

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disclosure: giveaway sponsored by Blaze Pizza.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for joining. it's yummy. Good luck.

  2. Cant wait to try this place finally!!!

  3. Can't wait to try it. Looks really good.

  4. I have yet to try it, but I think the concept is awesome!
    Debnmike moretti

  5. I have yet to try out Blaze! I have heard great things about it!

  6. I have yet to try Blaze Pizza, but I LOVE PIZZA, so I am super excited to try them.

  7. I haven't tried it yet, but heard its great!

  8. Finally tried it last weekend, and it was a hit! But have to go back and have the hubby try it. Thin crust is his favorite kind of pizza.

    1. Just got the gift card in the mail, Thanks!!!

  9. I'd love to try Blaze Pizza, it kind of reminds me of Chipotle except its pizza!

  10. I enjoyed Blaze Pizza for the first time a few weeks ago it was so delicious.

  11. I have not eaten at Blaze Pizza before. I just recently heard about it and it is not too far from me.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  12. We have yet to try the pizza at Blaze! I've heard good things!


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