Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Raffle Giveaway: Win a Box of Bare Fruit Apple Chips

Hello to all my readers! Today, I wanna share with you my love for BareFruit Apple Chips. But I'm not merely sharing why I love it. I'm actually going to give one of you the chance to actually taste it fo free. I'm doing a raffle giveaway and one of you will Win a Box of BareFruit Apple Chips in the flavor of your choice.

I've actually thought of baking apple chips myself. Only to find out it takes 2 hours to bake them. Yes.. 2 hours.. can you imagine?!? And the yield is so little that I'd be in the kitchen for a very long time to come up with enough apple chips to store for snacking and as added crunch to my salads.

BareFruit Apple Chips is a healthier choice for those looking for something crunchy to munch on. And at the same time, it's perfect for salads. Instead of croutons, I now use BareFruit Apple Chips. I got the idea from one of my favorite salads at Panera Bread that contains apple chips.

I've previously tried their BareFruit Apple Chips Fuji Red and loved it. This time I tried their other three- Cinnamon, Chile Lime, and Sea Salt Caramel. Each bag is made from 3 apples each. And only 100 calories each. If you buy those 100 calorie pack cookies, that's probably like 8 pieces inside or something. So you're getting more from this bag. Plus it's gluten free, no additives, no added preservatives, and best of all - NO ADDED SUGAR.

My thoughts on the flavors:

  • Fuji Red - my all time favorite flavor. It's as though it's still juicy even if it's already crunchy.
  • Cinnamon - yummy and it smells good, hubby and kid approved. My daughter knows the brand, so there's no way I can hide it. She knows the bag when she sees it. Swoosh.. It's gone.
  • Chile Lime - has a kick to it, quite addicting, you will miss it. Like I want it now!
  • Sea Salt Caramel - has the sweet caramel taste to it, I didn't get enough of the sea salt taste that I was hoping for, but good nonetheless.


Win 1 Box of BareFruit Apple Chips, 10 pack in the flavor of your choice!!!

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Just sign in and do 1 mandatory task(like on facebook). But the more task you do like following us on twitter, leaving a comment, etc. gets you more chance of winning. Like buying more raffle tickets.


BareFruit Apple Chips can be found at Costco, TJ Maxx, Amazon and I also saw it recently at Rite-Aid. You can check out their website for all their other flavors including organic ones. Plus the Bare brand is also coming up with Coconut Chips that I can't wait to get my tastebuds on.

disclosure: Apple Chips received for review. Giveaway prize to be fulfilled by Bare.

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