Friday, March 7, 2014

Apply to be a Lego Juniors Chatterbox

I just applied for the LEGO® Juniors® Chatterbox. I've applied and hosted 2 house parties from Houseparty.com before but this is my first Chatterbox application. What does it entail? See details below:

Apply to be a Chatterbox™ for LEGO® Juniors® 

Apply now and if selected, you'll receive a Chat Pack delivered right to your doorstep. After your child builds and plays with their new Juniors sets, chat about your child's experience, share your opinions and post a review.

Apply to be a LEGO Juniors Chatterbox and if selected, you'll get a great Chat Pack:
  • 2 LEGO Juniors Digger sets
  • 1 LEGO Juniors Police – The Big Escape set
  • 2 LEGO Juniors product catalogs with LEGOLAND free ticket offer
  • LEGO Club Jr. magazines
Introduce your child to the fun of building with LEGO Juniors – our new range of Easy to Build sets for children ages 4-7. These quick and easy builds will give your child a feeling of accomplishment and provide hours of imaginative fun.

In my understanding, the difference between House Party & Chatterbox:
House Party: HouseParty.com sends you a party pack and you host a party to share your party pack.

Chatterbox: The Chat Pack gets sent to you, you review the items. No need to invite friends. Just share our opinions and maybe give out coupons.

Check out my previous post regarding HouseParty.com:

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