Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Peek at Legoland Hotel: A Designers' Dream Project

We went to Legoland last week and got a chance to peek at the interior of the new Legoland Hotel. The hotel is a Lego fans dream. It is very inspiring, it must have been a fun filled day for the designers and builders who created the hotel. Being an interior designer myself, this would have been a dream project. I'm already contemplating on buying a ton of legos and converting the kids' room into a lego themed room. Hmm.. where do I start? The Bed? Lol! This is going to be fun.

The Legoland Hotel is just beside the Legoland Theme Park, so it's great to stay here since a day at the theme park is honestly not enough. This is the back exterior of Legoland Hotel that is just steps away from the Legoland Theme Park and SeaLife Aquarium.

Look at this Pool of Legos!!! Whoah! Yes, this is at the lobby. So kids can start playing immediately.

I really love the colorful Bricks Restaurant and I look forward to trying their breakfast buffet next time. Check out those cool pendant lamps. Looks like a jello to me.

Everything in the hotel has been designed with a lego in mind or with the use of legos. Including the carpets throughout the hotel; the picture frames on the wall; the cubicle doors, mirror, to the trash can in the restrooms.

We didn't stay overnight during this trip. They were fully booked since we planned on this trip last minute. But we'll be back once the Legoland Water Park opens for the season in March and hopefully get a chance to share our experience staying at Legoland Hotel by then, especially the buffet at Bricks Restaurant. 

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