Saturday, January 18, 2014

Getting Pampered at Burke Williams Spa with the Enhanced Nourishing Facial

It's been two days since I visited Burke Williams Spa to get a facial. I couldn't believe it but my face is as soft as a baby. I always wondered if I drink lots of milk - like babies do - I could achieve that soft smooth dewy skin again. Haha. Yes... I did think of that. But of course I didn't do it. But thanks to the new enhanced nourishing facial I got from Burke Williams. My face is as soft as my baby beside me.

But before I talk about the facial, let me tell you how fabulous Burke Williams Spa is. I was in complete solitude from the moment I walk in. From the relaxing lounge area in monochromatic tones to the inspiring outside patio with a fireplace and lounge chairs. And best of all, the huge jacuzzi after sauna and steam room. It just clears your mind. The place is well appointed, clean and so relaxing. I never wanna leave.

Then I was ushered in for my facial. My hands was covered in gloves after being dipped in parrafin wax which is suppose to help those tired muscles. Then Arlene, the esthetician who turned me into baby face put this amazing cleanser on my face that just smells so good. Then I just surrendered to pampering. Sweet tangy facial blends, shoulder massage, hand massage and even foot massage. All part of the Enhanced Nourishing Facial currently available at all Burke Williams Day Spa locations starting at just $169 for an 80-minute service. I need this service every month.

Infusing an inviting and fresh blend of tangy citrus extracts and sweet, powdery lavender flowers, this facial blends nature and science for optimal results. The enhanced nourishing facial is a fresh take on the classic Nourishing Facial and promotes dermal building, collagen production and hydration to restore youthful, beautiful skin. It restores intense hydration and replenishes vital skin nutrients, resulting in an improved skin tone and texture. I started out with really dry skin before the facial. Now.. I'm touching my cheeks again.. It's just amazingly soft.

The facial includes a customized application of a unique skin serum that nourishes, soothes and hydrates. This restoring dermal-filling serum uses moisture absorbing nutrients, anti-wrinkle peptides and a powerful Hyaluronic Acid to target and smooth out wrinkles and restore suppleness and hydration to the skin. Estheticians target the serum's application to focus on the most bothersome areas of fine lines and dehydration. The skin's moisture levels are raised to fill-in furrows, plump up tissues and tone-down age lines. The final layer of the facial is a soothing Lavender Rosemary mask for extra hydration that leaves the skin nourished and firm. 

I suggest you experience a Burke Williams near you and indulge, regenerate and relax with a signature treatment or custom membership program catered just for you. I'm getting a massage next month or I might as well make an appointment every month.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received this free facial for review. All opinions are my own. Experiences may vary. Photos by Burke Williams Spa.

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