Monday, October 21, 2013

Recap of MommyCon 2013: Setting a Babywearing World Record

Babywearing! We continue the maternal bond with our babies when babywearing. As well as continue doing other chores, go on trips and more with the help of baby carriers. As we set the record for doing multiple things while babywearing. MommyCon set the record for babywearing with the number of moms and their babies on infant carriers all in one roof last October 6.

Our contributing writer Guia H.(pictured on the left below), who attended the event with her mommy friend Jonathea and their beautiful babies got to be part of the Babywearing World Record as well as got to view and try a lot of new baby products.

Guia is a new mom and has been frequenting mommy/baby conventions recently. We actually went together to the Pregnancy Awareness Month Event held in Santa Monica to check out some neat new products. The industrial designer comes out of her when we attend these events. And so yes.. if I need a product, I ask her. As long as she is not in the middle of deconstructing a diaper pail(yes she did, true story). LOL.
She had a fun filled day testing different carriers at MommyCon. Even falling in love with one of the baby slings. They got coupons and a variety of stuffs in their gift bag to take home including a free baby carrier.

Below are some pictures from the said event:

disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. Tickets were provided to Anytots to check out the show.

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