Saturday, July 13, 2013

Show Review: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Built to Amaze Circus Show

We were invited to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey "Built to Amaze" show last Thursday by the promoters during media night at Staples Center. This is our second year watching. And we were very excited to see it once again as the theme was different.

We left the South Bay early to make sure we catch the pre-show that starts at 6:30PM. Good thing we did, it was a lot of fun to get up close to the acrobats, clowns and animals in action. And a bonus to try on some circus costumes and get photo ops. After the crowd got bigger, we settled into our seats. Got some popcorn and lemonade and we're ready for the actual circus show.

The actual show started at 7:30PM featuring clowns that performed between every main act to entertain with paint, a fantastic poodle performance, rabbit and snake magic and more. There were basketball players on unicycles, trapeze acts, tight rope stunts, a spinning double wheel group act, performers doing amazing balancing strength acts, highly flexible gymnasts, acrobats jumping pretty high on a trampoline tower, horses and more. And the intense part where 18 bengal tigers that were inside a cage with one trainor and my daughters favorite, the elephants that danced around the arena. 

Our favorite was the poodle performance. We were amazed at how the poodles were able to get trained and do all those funny acts. It's a must see. Another favorite would be the 2 performers who walk upside down without any harness. They would put their feet on ropes to go from one side to the other while being upside down at who knows how many feet up in the air. They made it look so effortless.

We saw the tiger show last year. It was a mix of over a dozen lions and tigers in one cage with just one trainor, this year they took out the lions. But it was still intense. I wouldn't dare be inside that cage. I actually wondered as to which circus act I can do? I look at my husband when the male and female duo were doing balancing acts and the female was doing most of the carrying/lifting. Hinting to him.. Let's do that. Haha. I can't even carry my 30 pounds preggy belly anymore. Maybe I can just be a clown then. Lol. But here's my lil' clown eating pretzels during intermission. Her clown eyeglass came with the popcorn we bought.

The whole show was about 2 hours long with a short intermission. We got out and bought some food and looked at all the Ringling Bros. themed merchandise. Everyone was getting the elephant stuffed toy and the snow cones. There was a face painting booth too.

We got back after intermissiom and enjoyed the trampoline tower act and the giant turning wheel where the acrobat almost fell while doing a jumping rope as his foot got caught on the rope. Everyone was like.. Oh no.. Oh no. But he was able to get out of it. Whew. It was a very challenging act.

We parked just beside the Staples Center, in front of the LA Convention Center for $15. So we pretty much just step out the curb and our car was there when the show was done. When we got home though. My daughter said repeatedly for the first time, best ever day(best day ever!) and gave me a big kiss. She has seen a lot of shows this year, including Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer and a whole lot more. But gave this show the most thumbs up. My hubby and I thought this year's show was even better than last years'. We wish they still had the motorbike act from last year though. That one was amazing too.

The show is still running til August 4 in 3 locations in the Southland. And I suggest you check it out, it's worth every penny. Click here for the show schedule near you.

disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. We were invited to watch the show on Media Night for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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