Saturday, June 22, 2013

Restaurant Review: Vegas Seafood Buffet in Torrance

It's officially the start of summer, and everyone is out and about. People are either at the beach or watching Monsters University today. While our Saturday started with building a Monsters University chest from Lowe's and a brunch buffet at the newly opened Vegas Seafood Buffet in Torrance. Here's a review/rundown of our lunch experience:

The food offerings. They have salads; crab legs, oysters and shrimp cocktail; pasta and ribs; a brazilian churrasco of sausages, white chicken wrapped in bacon, spiced chicken and a few more; chinese food comprised of fried shrimp with mayo, beef broccoli, stif fried string bean, 2 dimsums, buchi balls and some more; sushi rolls and sashimi; teppanyaki grill; soups; and desserts including soft serve yogurt of 4 flavors plus toppings and a huge chocolate fountain that wasn't working yet.

The taste. I did like the crab legs and the gyoza with its sauce. And a yellow, perhaps mango dessert. While the hubby said he like the sashimis, the stir fried string bean and the chocolate yogurt. The creme brulee was overcooked. The chinese food was good but it took them time to refill while the dimsum never got refilled. The brazilian fare was not impressive. If you go for the crab legs, then it would be worth it, unless you keep missing out when they do a refill. The sushi rolls were not good at all.

The interior. Modern. Clean. They tried to maximize the seating so it was a tad bit tight. The buffet was all in one row so it was easy to go to.

The service. The staff were all superb and took out your plate as soon as you're finish. But they can do a better job at refilling the food though.

The price. It was $19.95 on a Saturday brunch. A man beside us filled his plate with crab legs. He got his money's worth. Lol. While the lady before him said she wasn't impressed. It's $12.95 on weekdays but am not sure if they have crab legs.

The verdict. It's nice to see that they have added a new restaurant at Del Amo Mall, they needed more restaurants there. But it didn't live up to its name. Such high hopes when you name your establishment Vegas. There's a ton of food, don't get me wrong. Yet personally the quality and food offering was just not that impressive. It was nothing close to the buffet places in Vegas like Bacchanal, but a better version of China Buffet yet I still favor Kuma Buffet any day, both located in Torrance. I'm still full though and cannot even think of dinner anymore. How about you? Did you try anything new today? Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone!

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