Saturday, May 4, 2013

Restaurant Review: Yummy Italian Food at Gaetano's Restaurant

Delizioso! Can I say that and nothing more for this post?

We had lunch at Gaetano's Restaurant today. I was craving for ravioli. And going to Antonio's in downtown LA to get ravioli is just too far a drive. Check out the yummy pumpkin ravioli from Antonio's from my previous post here.

It was our first time trying this Italian restaurant even if it's been there for years. We got to the Torrance restaurant at 11 in the morning and we were merely the second group there. I ordered the Butternut Squash Ravioli piccolo(small) size and the hubby got a combo of lasagna and pear gorgonzola salad. And a kiddie order of Fettuccine Alfredo for our toddler.

We were served with a generous amount of baguette and butter to start. It was pretty good.. warm, light and flaky.. we did make a mess with all the flakes/crumbs on the table. If you're on a date.. I wonder how you will handle all that flakes. Haha. Oh well, you're both making a mess. I would still recommend you come here with your date though, flakes or no flakes.

The restaurant was clean. Service was good. And the food came out fairly quick. By the time we started eating, other diners started to come in. First bite of my ravioli.. I blurted.. "Oh My.. it's soooo good." I got 6 pieces of raviolis, gooey butternut squash inside and a cream sauce that I finish down to the last drop.

The hubby said his salad was good. The lasagna was good too but he had better(my lasagna  perhaps?) He rates it 3 stars out of 5. I'll share my lasagna recipe next time. I think it's a 4 star(oh I'm being modest).. haha.

I rate my ravioli dish 5 out of 5. The fettuccine alfredo was tasty and creamy. Just the right amount of salt. I've had my share of dry and unflavorful ones in the past. My daughter ate half of it, and I took the rest and swirled it in the cream sauce of my ravioli. Can I buy a gallon of the sauce and take it home? Lol.

After a plate and a half. I should stop and get the bill already. But I just gotta order the Nutella Bread Pudding for dessert.

The dessert was good but it needed more Nutella in my opinion.. perhaps drizzled on top. The cream on the bottom tasted like the Panna Cotta I make at home, check my recipe here. I would like to try their Tiramisu next time.

The serving sizes are small for the price as compared to other Italian restaurants around. But its quality versus quantity. I would come back here to bring a friend or the family. And would even come back here to eat by myself if I want some quiet time to myself. Maybe after a massage from Burke Williams beside it. Lol.

I'd like to add that the Strawberry Lemonade was a yummy fruity goodness. And our waiter just kept refilling them. I'll be back.. Ravioli.. 'til we meet again.

disclosure: this is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. Nice! Cece got a certificate to this place from school as part of her award. She's been asking to go. Now that I've read your review and it's good - I will take her there soon! Thanks!

  2. Wow! What a nice reward from school. Their special drinks are refillable:) Piccolo(smaller) servings are only availble during lunch.. gets you to order more variety. ohhhh... yummmm. Enjoy!


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