Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rafflecopter Tutorial: How to Enter our Raffle Giveaway Correctly

We've having a lot of giveaways in the weeks to come. So it's high time I put up a tutorial on How to Enter the Raffle Giveaway Correctly. Let's get started:

1st Step: LOG IN
1st thing you do is log in. You can either click the blue Log in w/Facebook box or click the Use Your Email box. This is how Rafflecopter will let me know who you are and how to contact you when you win.

You will be directed to Facebook to put your login information. And your name will show up on rafflecopter on the right side. Example: Hi, Kathleen(as shown on the image below).

Other information shown on rafflecopter are:

On the top left, how many more days and hours the raffle will be running for.
On the top center, we see how many entries the contest has so far.
On the top right, we see how many entries you have chosen out of how many are possible per person. This let's you know how many entries you can do. The more entries/actions you complete, the more chances of winning of course.

Step 2: Like Us on Facebook, earn 10 entries
The only mandatory task to enter the raffle, the rest are to increase your chances.
Click the green button +10 for Easy Entry for all Anytots fans on Facebook. Then Click the Like button below Any Tots, if you're a previous fan, this will be shaded in grey. After that, just click the I'm a Fan! Button on the lower right corner.
If it asked you for you Facebook name, please enter it too. So if you're the winner, I can verify on Anytots Facebook page if you have really Like our page.

You've now completed the mandatory entry (liking Anytots on Facebook) which has unlocked more ways for you to enter the same giveaway! You can see at the top right that you've completed 10/30 of the potential entries so far. You can stop now or you can do a few more of these activities to increase your odds of winning.

Step 3: Leave a Blog Post Comment, earn 5 entries
Click the green button +5 and a text box will pop up. It tells you specifically what we would like you to comment on or answer. Before clicking The green box the says I commented. Scroll to the bottom of the blog post to leave your comment. No right or wrong answer, just leave a comment base on our question. Don't comment as anonymous, your entry will be disqualified if we can't verify your name.

Step 4: Follow us on Twitter, earn 10 entries
Click the +10 green button. Put in your twitter username and click Follow @anytots button before clicking the I Follow on Twitter green button.

Step 5: Tweet about the Giveaway, earn 5 entries a day
Click the +5 green button. If you click the Tweet button (next to the number, number indicates how many people have done this already). A tweet that I've already written about the entry will come up. After you've tweeted, you'll have to paste in the tweet URL and Rafflecopter offers a handy tutorial about how to do that where the link says How do I find it? You may do this everyday to earn more entries.
To summarize, the most important thing you need to know about Rafflecopter is that you not only have to log in and let Rafflecopter know which actions you are choosing to complete to enter (by commenting, liking on Facebook, following us on Twitter, tweeting) but you must also complete those tasks. If you don't and rafflecopter has randomly chosen you to win, Your entry will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen.

Hopefully, this tutorial has made joining the raffle easier for you. If you have questions, just leave a comment below.

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