Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Tour of the USS Iowa in San Pedro

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The USS Iowa opened at 10AM during our tour. We got there at 10:20AM and there were already quite a number of people touring on board.

There's a huge parking lot and lots of spaces available. The queue for the ticket booth wasn't too bad. There were 4 people there, so exchanging your groupon tickets or buying full price tickets will not take long. Almost everyone is carrying their USS Iowa groupon tickets though.

After getting your tickets which doesn't expire until a year later. You proceed to an area where they take your pictures before heading up into a ramp that connects you to the ship.

It's a self guided tour so you just follow the yellow arrows seen on the floor. It starts out on the outdoor deck where the huge turrets are. I cannot imagine how scary those things are if they are operational and how much it will most likely bust my eardrums.

Opposite the USS Iowa is the busy port of LA where the trucks are nonstop from hauling containers. And Vincent Thomas Bridge is also on the horizon.

After the main deck, we then went inside the ship where the ceiling was really low. A warning for the tall tour goers.

Then we saw the most historical part of the ship which was the world famous Captain's Cabin. With the only bathtub installed on a battleship for a President. Known as "The Battleship of Presidents", IOWA has hosted three Presidents - Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush and numerous dignitaries during almost 70 years of service.

Though it's a self guided tour, some areas have man in uniform to explain facts about the ship and to answer your questions if you've got any. It was built in 1940 and there's just so much history in the ship.

You also get to see the USS Iowa bridge. Armored with 18" of steel, the bridge is the most secure location for a Captain to be stationed during battle. See the location where the ship was steered from and look out the famous bridge windows onto the forward 2 turrets.

The start of the tour was mostly ascending the stairs. And I was thinking to myself.. Oh, it's not too bad climbing the stairs. Then I realize.. We do have to go down. How is the climb down? I have a 6 month belly with me. I can hardly see my foot. Can I really see the steps? Lol. The hubby carried our toddler down facing the steps while I went down sideways with no problem. I don't recommend this trip for those with bad knees though.

You could also see the cafeteria where there could have been as many as 8,000 meals prepared each day for large crews during World War 2. Proceeding further aft visitors will be entertained with several short movies reflecting Iowa's history and the recent refurbishment efforts.

Exit the theater and study the 70 year history of USS Iowa and her crew's accomplishments, as they are showcased in Iowa's museum.

There's a lot of items at the ship's gift shop before you exit unto the large helicopter landing deck on the stern of the Main Deck.

This area is an excellent spot to view and photograph the ships aft main gun battery, missile decks, and secondary gun mount and even the Vincent Thomas bridge and the Port of LA before exiting the gangway.

Now it's yout turn to take a tour. Come back tomorrow, as we will be having a ticket raffle giveway to tour the USS Iowa.

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