Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our First View of the Boardwalk at Knott's Berry Farm

The Boardwalk opened for Memorial Day weekend at Knott's Berry Farm. And we were lucky to be going the same weekend. They have added three new rides namely Pacific Scrambler, which is like a bigger version of the teacup; Surfside Gliders, I liked this one out of the three; and Coast Rider.

There were a lot of people due to the holidays but we got to squeeze in both the Red Baron Ride and the Hot Air Balloon(twice) at Camp Snoopy and a couple more rides.
We decided to go on the Stagecoach ride since the weather was cool and breezy. And were fortunate to ride on the top front. Our daughter enjoyed looking at the four horses pulling our carriage. While I got nervous when the first two horses were fighting each other. We were up the bridge and were really high. I wasn't sure how the three of us will jump out of there. But we got to back safely... Whew.

I had the hubby take our tot to ride the Calico Mine Co. ride and she got scared. She didn't get scared months ago when my cousin and I took her there for the first time. I guess it's not really for her age. We'd have to stick to Camp Snoopy next time... Hihihi.

We merely stayed for 2.5hours as we usually do. And by noon, there was a huge crowd coming in inside the theme park and outside getting their annual passes. Good thing we were done. And headed out for some Japanese buffet.

You should try the new rides at the Boardwalk. And don't forget to grab some bavarian churros before you leave. Looking at the pictures I've taken though, I wish I bought some of this cute keychains. Maybe on another trip. And maybe we'll see if I'll brave the Pony Express ride... like this people here.. Lol.

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