Monday, May 6, 2013

Ivory 2 in 1: An All in One, One for All Product

I tried the Ivory 2 in 1 today and loved the smell and how it has simplified my shower routine. It's a soap and a shampoo in 1 but also conditions your hair. So I no longer shampoo then rinse; condition then rinse. It's all in 1. I used it on my toddler too. So for today, instead of using 5 different bottles of personal care items, we used 1.

The Ivory 2 in 1 solves multiple bathroom dilemna:

Multiple bottles in the shower...
Why buy and store multiple personal care items when you can simplify it into 1. My family of 3 can now go from 5 bottles to just 1. Less trash goes to our landfill.

Which bottle is which...
We currently have a personal care dispenser we refill every so often. Then hide the unfinished bottles under the sink. Occasionally, the hubby would mix it up when it needs refill. Thinking the shampoo was the body wash. I'd have to scoop it out and move it to the next dispenser. This will never happen again with this Ivory 2 in 1.

Which personal care item are we running out of...
While at the supermarket. Are we out of shampoo? Ya.. I think so. Only to come home and find two more bottles under the sink. And it's the body wash that's almost empty. Now with 1 bottle, there's no second guessing and no over buying.

I've used the shampoo as body wash..
Believe me this has happened. Maybe it's not too much of a trouble. But it would be better if they are designed to work on your hair and on your body so there's no confusion.

It's so much better when things can be utilize for different purposes. Like our carseat that transitions from toddler to booster. I'm glad to have tried this product from Ivory. I'd describe it as an "All in One, One for All" product. An army swiss knife in the personal care department.

The only criticism I have is the bottle's design. I wish they can rework the shape. It almost slip out of my average size hands while in the shower earlier. Other than that, it smells good, lathers well, our hair is clean and untangled and our skin is smooth. I'm brushing my hair with my hands and checking my arms for smoothness all over again to make sure this statement is accurate.

disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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