Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Food Trucks: A Hit or Miss in the Palate Department

It's been over 2 years since we last went to DinDin_A_GoGo, a weekly gathering of food trucks in the South Bay where they have around 10-12 gourmet food trucks to serve you. There's a few locations where they hold these events on a weekly basis around the South Bay. We went to the one in Narbonne High that holds it every Thursday as the weather was just perfect that day.

Our favorite food trucks from before and 'til now are:

Grill 'em all for the Dee Snider Burger. A juicy burger with peanut butter, sriracha sauce, strawberry jam, and bacon. They are the first winner of the great food truck race on the Food Network. We use to wait over an hour in freezing cold just to get their burgers. They now have an actual restaurant in Alhambra.
White Rabbit Truck for the Sisig Burrito. Crispy sisig, egg, garlic rice wrapped in tortilla wrap. They also have 2 restaurants now.
Tropical Shave Ice Truck for the fusion shave ice with fruits. Shave Ice, lychee, banana and condensed milk.
Koji Food Truck for the Korean Tacos. From the food genius that is Roy Choi that started the food truck revolution. I look forward to trying the just opened or perhaps just moved location from the Westside to Chinatown.. EatChego.. for their rice bowls. Who wants to go with me now?

I was hoping to find new favorites from my foodtrip last Thursday. But lack of research on my part ended up in indigestion. I thought after so long, the food trucks would have perfected everything. That the strong had survived, and the lackluster has died. But I was wrong. We ended up with two bad dishes out of three. All because I didn't read reviews and I didn't follow my gut instinct to line up where the line is long.. like the Belly Bombz food truck.

The food trucks open at 5:30PM-9PM. We were there early and there were already quite a number of people. Parking is easy. And they now provide seats and tables as compared to their previous location.. more chance at ogling at what other people on your table are eating... with that occasional oohs and ahhs.

Your orders would each run around $8bucks per dish. The only saving grace of the night was the apple pie funnel cake from Feeding Frenzy. Crispy funnel cake cooked to perfection, the apple pie topping with just the right amount of sweetness, topped with vanilla ice cream for that hot and cold combo. $9 and huge.

Some are such a hit, imaginative genius, cannot be copied at home kind of dishes. While some are a miss, lack of imagination, lack of taste, I can't believe I fell for it type of food. Like the mushroom burger I got, and the nachos the hubby got.

Lesson learned, don't go to the battle unprepared. If you hit the right truck.. Like we previously do.. you'd come home happy and wanting more.

I know a lot of people who has never tried any of the food trucks. If you're one of those. Check out dindinagogo.net for the food truck location near you in the South Bay and which food trucks are coming the week you wanna go. Or follow them on twitter @DinDin_A_GoGo.

What will you be trying? Cupcake with candied bacon perhaps? Enjoy!

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  1. I don't think I've ever had food from a food truck - it sounds like so much fun and so yummy, too!


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