Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things to do in the South Bay: Eat Fresh Seafood at Redondo Beach Pier

It's Wednesday. And if you're wondering what activity might be fun to do this weekend. How about attending the Redondo Beach SpringFest and head for some fresh seafood at Redondo Beach Pier... that is if you didn't eat too much at the SpringFest.



Fresh seafood abound at Quality Seafood at the pier. From crabs and shrimps to different kinds of oysters(there's like over a dozen varieties) to the sea urchin that's still moving after it's been cut open. Just pick your seafood, pay, grab a seat and wait for your food to get cook and dig in.

newspaper for your table
I highly suggest getting there before 11AM as it gets pack by noon. There were over 10 people in our group..we got to secure 3 tables just in time before the crowd got there.

variety of crabs

variety of clams


sea urchins

soft shell clams

different kinds of oysters

I ordered a pound of shrimp and finish it in a jiffy.. my daughter's been bugging me to go to the Fun Factory arcade next door. I would like to go back  try every variety of oyster, hammer a crab, try the sea urchin and grab some ceviche.

Fun Factory

Burp!!! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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