Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sushi Saturday: Made to Order All You Can Eat Sushi Place

I love sushi. Especially AYCE(All you can eat) sushi.. ehem.. ya I love to eat.. I know you do too.

But when you're pregnant like me! Can you really have sushi when you're pregant? No..you can't. You can't even have runny egg yolk... ya there goes sunny side up for breakfast. So.. what can you eat when that sushi craving kicks in? Well you can have the cooked Japanese rolls when you're pregant. Here are my go to's from Joe's Sushi in Lakewood.

Volcano Roll.. my favorite.. it's just california roll in the middle. But the top has a baked salmon with mayo that just melts in your mouth.

Baked mussels..

Caterpillar Roll... California Roll in the middle with Eel and avocado on top. Love the fact that they are generous with the eel and put really little rice on the roll.

Tempura Crunch.. California Roll with Tempura in the middle, topped with tempura crunch. Not memorable, I wouldn't order this again.

Unagi(Eel) Sushi.. I really wish I can order some Mackarel Sashimi.. snif..

Philadelphia Crunch.. Salmon and Cream Cheese then deep fried. Except they didn't cook it long enough so the salmon was still almost raw.. gave it to the hubby.. and ordered more Volcano Roll instead.. haha..

They have more rolls and sushi on their menu, but I'd have to stick to just the cooked once and order a lot of that. Well you know.. I'm feeding two people here.. hehe.. every pregnant woman's excuse when they eat too much. Lol.

I'm full now.. all that for just $18.95 during lunch time. It's made to order sushi by the way. And I recommend getting the Tiger Roll during dinner. That's the best.

And of course.. don't forget. Green Tea Ice Cream. Here's our toddler.. my DSLR camera can't even catch her eating speed.

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post.

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