Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Restaurant Review: Black Bear Diner in Torrance

It's Sunday. Everybody is headed for church and breakfast. All the breakfast restaurant has a 45 minute wait or more. I'm sure this new diner in Torrance is no exception because we've seen it's long line outside. Good thing we tried it on a Friday! Yey!

What was once a Big Boy's Diner is now Black Bear Diner. We were curious with the long lines on the weekends, we had to try it out... on a weekday that is.

This is what I had.. Volcano pancake.. 3 stacks of pancake, 2 eggs cooked any style, 2 sausages, 2 bacons.
This thing is huge. The pancake was nothing I've ever tried. It's darn good and different. I don't know what the ingredients were nor how it was cook but the syrup won't even penetrate the top.. in a yummy good way. And those sausages.. I usually hate them.. but the ones they have are juicy and flavorful.

The interior of the restaurant has a lodge feel to it. When you enter.. there's very little space to wait. So the long lines outside during the weekends had to be due to that. But I think it work to their advantage, coz I wouldn't have tried this place if I didn't see those long lines. The exterior of the place is just not that appealing.

We waited for 15 minutes inside on a Friday.. at 11AM. I was getting really hungry.. I can eat like a bear if I wait another 5 minutes.

The menu was in newspaper style. Though unique.. is actually hard to order from.. coz I needed visual. Pictures are helpful when you're hungry, right?

But lack of visual in the menu is replaced by full visual of food being served to the patrons around us. Huge size plates with mouth-watering dishes. Everyone seems to be ordering Eggs Benedict. And the one behind us ordered this huge pile of Taco Salad. Whew.. what a sight. I wish I can excuse myself to ask if I can take a picture of it.

When I was perusing through the menu. The pancake was describe as being made of sweet cream. Sweet + Cream? What?! I'm sold. I'm getting that.

Service from our server was not that good, he was all over the place. Luckily, the food came out pretty fast. And Black Bear Diner had not only bigger portions, they also have better ingredients as compared to the other breakfast chains. The sausage was juicy. The bacon was thick cut. Everything was just better.

The hubby got his usual Turkey Club. And we ended up with to go boxes for both the Turkey Club and Volcano Pancake. I just couldn't finish the 3 huge stacks of pancakes.

This is now our new breakfast place. It opens at 6AM.. so we might have to come early so we can get seated immediately. I'm also looking forward to trying their lunch and dinner menu. The burgers and country fried steak looks promising.

disclosure: this is not a sponsored post.

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