Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Being Chosen to Host a Redbook+L'oreal Happy Hour House Party

Our Redbook+L'oreal House Party Kit, pictures here.
Our American Girl House Party Kit, pictures here.

Yesterday was an awesome day. I got chosen to host the Redbook+L'oreal Happy Hour House Party. I look like a kid in a candy store, except I'm a grown up excited about a hosting a party where I'll be receiving a box full of goodies from Redbook Magazine and L'oreal Paris for me and my guests to peruse in the weeks to come.

If you're wondering how you can host a party featuring the brands you love. Just sign up through Houseparty.com and every now and then they'll have different brands who will sponsor products for your house party. Current house party openings are:

  • Seagram's Escape Girls Night In House Party. I wanted to sign up for this pretty bad except I'm pregnant and can't drink a drop of alcohol.
  • Qdoba Mexican Grill House Party. Which I'm awaiting results.. We want tacos!!!(Laker Fan).
  • Mattel Great American Game Break House Party. I signed up for this a few days back. Fingers crossed. This coincides with the Redbook+L'oreal party. But I'll throw two consecutive days of house party if need be.
  • Gevalia Kaffe House Party. They just posted this yesterday. And I've already told friends to sign up.

I've signed up for quite a few house parties and never got chosen since I first signed up back in October 2012. That's five months of waiting to be pick to host a house party. So imagine my excitement to finally get chosen to host.

I was actually checking the House Party website to check for new parties that are open for application yesterday morning(while procrastinating to do my grocery shopping). I notice that the Redbook+L'oreal House Party is no longer in the homepage. So I signed in to check the status of the party. And there it is, I'm on the shortlist of people who got pick to host out of the thousands who applied.

I have only 23 minutes left out of the 30 minutes to accept and put in 10 or more email of friends whom I want to invite or I won't qualify. Whoa! I rush to get my iphone and put in emails of friends. Mostly girl cousins and MOMS club moms.. Click send..The invite is out. Then the website said: Congrats. You're now the host of a Redbook+L'oreal Happy Hour House Party. Yipee!!! I read it over and over again to make sure.

After signing up, I got the e-mail that indicated I'm in the running to host and have only 30 minutes to invite friends from the time I sign in.

Previous parties I signed up for were:
  • Soda Fizz the Season 2 House Party
  • 3M Streaming Projector EPIC Movie Night House Party
  • Disney Junior's Royal Premiere House Party
  • Take a Dip with Sabra House Party, and maybe 2 more.

Within the 5 months of waiting, I probably didn't sign up nor check their website for a good 3 months, because most bloggers said it's hard to get pick. I actually signed up for BzzAgent and got more invites to try some brands than hearing anything from Houseparty.com. Some have applied for a year and never got pick to host. So imagine my surprise today. Thank you House Party.

I'm very excited to see my party pack arrive. I bet it's gonna be heavy. With magazines and L'oreal products coming my way to share with my guests. I'll post a picture once the package has arrive and update you guys. Yahoo!!!!

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