Friday, January 11, 2013

Ride Angel's Flight & Visit Bradbury Building: Downtown LA

Happy New Year everyone. Everything's finally getting back to normal. Vacations and non stop eating is over and it's time to blog again. I have a load full of pictures on my Iphone, my Ipad, my point and shoot camera, and my DSLR and it's time to share what we've discovered over the holiday season so I can free up space for new activities 2013 has to offer for me and my toddler.

Last month, we were in downtown LA for some Orange Chicken and Salt and Pepper Porkchop at Chinatown. And needed to walk it off and decided to see Bradbury Building and Angel's Flight. It was a Saturday so all the offices were close and it was easy to find metered parking. We walked to Bradbury Building first to see the interior. The hubby who is a movie buff claims he has seen it in quite a few movies. While the interior designer in me got curious. There's no charge to get in, but you can only be at the ground floor up to the first landing of the stairs as the upstairs are occupied by offices.

We marveled at the ornamental cast iron as we stand in the central court of the five storey building and how the court is flooded with natural light through its skylight. There's an old elevator and a Charlie Chaplin bench. Some of the movies that were shot here were Disclosure, Lethal Weapon 4, 500 Days of Summer, and many more. If you have an out of town guest and they love interiors and architecture, bring them here. It's a short drive from the other famous architectural marvel Disney Concert Hall.

The hubby also showed me Grand Central Market(yummy looking mexican food being sold) then we walked to Angel's Flight as I wanted to ride it with my daughter. For just 50cents, you get to ride the shortest railway in the world(298feet). It connects South Hill Street and South Grand Avenue.

Angel's flight is open everyday from 6:45AM til 10PM if you're in that side of town. All aboard? Bring your tots, they'll like it.

Bradbury Building 304 South Broadway, Los Angeles
Angel's Flight 351 South Hill Street, Los Angeles 90013

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