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Tour USS Iowa: Groupon Discount Tickets

Update: Oct 20, 2014 Click here to see USS Iowa Groupon $25 for Two
Update: May 11, 2014 Click here to see Groupon Promo $26.95 for two + Photo Souviner
Update: May 27, 2013 Click here to see Our Tour of the USS Iowa
Update: May 30, 2013 click here for our raffle giveaway, 2 FREE Tickets to Tour USS Iowa

Where: San Pedro, CA
Time: September through May 10AM-5PM; June Through August 9AM-5PM
Parking: $1/hour
Admission Cost: Online $18/Adults, $10 for Youth; $15/senior

but with a Groupon Discount, it's $26.95 for two general admission adult tickets + photo souviner

other ways to save when the Groupon deal expires:
Join the USS IOWA this Holiday Season by dropping off a new toy with a minimum $10 value at the IOWA Box Office and receive $6 off each Adult Ticket! or HolidayFamily Fun Pack for $39 through their website

Wow, that's different ways to save. I'd have to do the math as to which is the best deal for my guests of 8 when we visit two weeks from now.

Once onboard, you can take the self-guided Tour Alpha, starting in the main deck's wardroom before venturing up into the stateroom installed for FDR when he traveled aboard the ship on his way to the Tehran Conference. Heading up into the bridge, you can check out navigation and aiming consoles as well as aerial views of the forward guns. Explore the antimissile systems and Tomahawk launchers on the higher levels before plunging down below deck to see the mess and a theater that details the ship's storied history.

Battleship Iowa

Memories of World War II, the Korean War, and the Cold War are imbedded in the steel hull of the USS Iowa. The ship served the US Navy for 70 years of active and reserve duty before coming to rest at her current berth in San Pedro. Originally laid down in 1940, the Iowa was the most advanced battleship of the time, capable of traveling more than 40 mph and firing her 16-inch big guns 25 miles. Now a floating museum honoring the battleship's place in 20th-century naval combat, the vessel welcomes visitors to explore her decks, strolling about the wood-covered main level or venturing into the honeycombed interior. The restored ship lays seven decks open to visitors, from the hull-enclosed mess to the lofty bridge, allowing them to get an up-close look at the missile deck and imagine what it would have been like to be a sailor in the Pacific in 1944 or a museum visitor from the previous day.

250 S. Harbor Blvd., San Pedro, CA 90731 Visit Event's Website

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