Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Knott's Merry Farm's Awesome Ice Skating Show

We went to Knott's Berry Farm on a Saturday to see all the holiday festivities it has to offer. I was looking forward to the Holiday Show at Camp Snoopy, the Ice Skating Show and the Holiday Parade. We wanted to go on a weekday to avoid the queue at the rides but the Ice Skating and Parade was not available on the Friday we were free.

My toddler is so happy she keeps shouting Charlie Brown during this show. When the show was done. We hurried to get to the rides before the 3:30PM Ice Skating show starts. But because of the lines we only got to two rides within an hour time. And I'm not talking about roller coaster rides. Nowadays, it's all about the toddler rides. Thank God. Coz' I'm no longer as brave. Gone were the days of Magic Mountain rides.

Here is the exciting one. The airplane ride. My hubby couldn't believe at how brave our toddler is. She rode alone. Was waving at us when the airplane was up high. I wish I was a kid again so I could fit into one of this. I really don't remember this ride as a kid. I think I only remember the Dumbo Ride at Disneyland, the rest were scary roller coaster rides from Magic Mountain.

Next up, was the Hot Air Baloon Ride. We went to Knott's Berry Farm before Halloween as a treat from my daughter's godmother. Riding was a breeze then compared to now since we got there at 10 in the morning.

We were done by 245PM and decided to head to the theatre to make sure we get seats to watch the 330PM Ice Skating show. When we got there by 3PM, they announced that they are seating for the show already.

The theatre was big so don't worry about getting seated unless you want to seat all the way in the front.

Our daughter was looking for Snoopy. She was getting impatient. So the hubby told her he's still napping and will come out soon. She believe him, haha.

"SNOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY!!!!", she explaimed when he finally came out.

The show had a lot of costume changes and backgrounds. My favorite would be that of the gingerbread man. He even dance some Gangnam Style which amused everyone.

This one is the candy factory. The hubby couldn't believe at how big this production is. It's like Disney on Ice show. Such a bargain to pay the annual pass of $66 for this show. I've been to a previous show years back during a summer production and it was just as good.

My pictures do not do justice to this show. I'm amaze at how the guy just whirls this lady on air effortessly. I can't even skate. Imagine if you do this to me. Hmm.. maybe I should just ride a roller coaster. Haha.

The finale was beautiful. Especially when the birds flew from the back of the theatre all the way to the box on stage. Wow! Writing this makes me want to go again.

I hope I didn't spoil it for those who are going. There's still a lot more to this though. We got out by 4PM and it was freezing. So we decided to just ditch the 430PM parade and head home. I'm sure it's not as big as the Disneyland parade. But it would have been fun seeing it. Maybe next year. Merry Christmas everyone.

disclosure: this is not a sponsored post.

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