Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cheapest Stella Rosa and Yummy Ravioli

I've eaten at Chinatown in Downtown LA too many times and couldn't believe there's a yummy restaurant close to that area that's not orange chicken nor dimsum. Beyond Chinatown, hidden in an industrial area is San Antonio Winery where they make ravioli's from scratch daily and the cheapest Stella Rosa can be found. Need I say more?

The embarassing part is it's been there for 95 years and I didn't know about it's existence with my 6 years of living in LA.

It's practically historical.

Now let's get on to what I ate at Maddalena Restaurant which is tucked inside after you passed through the store.

I had the pumpkin ravioli that does not look as good as it tasted. The hubby had a chicken pesto sandwich that I wasn't able to take a picture of(he was too hungry too wait).

My ravioli came with a clam chowder that was good but not the best yet still comforting.

I watched this lady as she rolled out fresh pasta and piped spinach mixture into raviolis while I enjoy mine.

It's fastfood style ordering where you choose your food and pay before getiing seated but the ambiance is fine dining with live music accompaniment.

You can actually have your reception here as they have two banquet halls.

We headed out of the restaurant and saw a group of people taking a free tour with complimentary wine tasting. I'd like to try that one of this days.

And before we exited the place, we passed through all the wines which was when I saw all the different kinds of Stella Rosa Wines on display at the cheapest price I've seen. I didn't know they were the importer of the wine inspite of all the Stella Rosa billboards on various freeway. I shall take my parents here next time, my dad's name happened to be Antonio.

737 Lamar St., Los Angeles, CA 90031

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  1. Great post and infornation. I have lived in Los Angeles for more than half my life and have yet to go there.


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