Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Krispy Kreme Donut: Not for the Weak

I've been wanting to eat Krispy Kreme donut for a year now. But I've been shunning away as much as possible. But last month, I couldn't help it anymore. So I ask the hubby to buy some on his way home. It's not really in our city so it's not a place I frequent.. Thank God. I'd buy one every week if it's close by.

Hubby asked how many to buy, I said 6. He came home with a box. A big box that made me giddy and worried at the same time. How many did you buy? I bought a dozen since it's only 2 dollars more, he replied. Uh-oh. How many days will we finish this? First day, I ate three. Second day, another three. 3rd day, four!!! Hubby only had two! My toddler(a picky eater), was not tempted by something round with a hole on it? Good for her.

I'm so happy(sugar) and so guilty(calories) and the weighing scale is fuzzy(dare I look). Why did you have to be so light and airy and divine? 10 donuts mean I should not have anymore of this for another 10 months. Hope I didn't tempt anyone. Especially since they are coming with a red velvet donut this holiday season.

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