Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fire Station Tour During Fire Preventon Week

I was uber excited for our tour of the fire station as part of our Mom's Club activity this month to observe Fire Prevention Week. We visited Torrance fire station 1, it's on Crenshaw and Carson st. In Torrance.

The Torrance firestation was busy this morning with the firetrucks going in &out. So we had to wait for our tour and fingers crossed, that the kids(around 12 of them) will cooperate while cooped up in a tiny reception room.

Luckily the firetruck finally came back after some minutes and we were let in. We were all excited. We were showed the firetruck first. And the firefighter ask: "Do you guys know the difference between a firetruck and a fire engine?" Huh? No one knew. Then he continued, The one with the ladder is the firetruck and it holds a lot of other equipment around 300 of them. While the fire engine holds the water and the hosts. We all learned something new today. 

The Fire truck actually holds so much equipment which includes this 2 generators. The kids were given a chance to hop inside the firetruck for a photo opportunity.

   We got to see the pole where they go down from and lots of fire hosts in the garage before heading up into the second floor.

Firefighters cook and pay for their own meals. They have their budgets, grocery shopping, cooking shifts and cleaning up(including toilets). Yes it's like a household in here.

And they have a lounge area with all comfy recliners. The fireman giving us a tour goes, go ahead guys, you can sit in them. The kids run like their in a dancing chair game to get into one.

This board holds almost all of the pictures of active firefighters of Torrance. I can't believe this is how many firefighters we have. Some of them are also paramedics... And yes, if you call 911 coz you feel you're about to give birth, they'll deliver your baby. Oh, and they have 2 female firefighters in the group.

We went around the area and shown one of the bedrooms and their workout area. They also have one of the burnt uniform from one of the retired firefighter. And we were told that their uniforms are actually not fire proof. And that they all have a second degree burn somewhere in their bodies. Talk about hazards of their job.

Our tour was almost done when we heard on the speaker another call, so we had to be let out already so they can respond to another emergency. It was a really nice experience. I'd like to take my daughter again next year and hopefully see the fire engine up close, it was out responding to an emergency that day so we didn't get too see it.

Thanks to Torrance Firestation 1 for our tour, and thank you to all the firefighters who risks their lives to save others. And those who died during 911, we will never forget your bravery.
For more info on Torrance Fire Station

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